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Jes Extender Review - To get Or Not to Purchase?

Sometime ago I bought two Jes extenders, first the "Budget" version and then the "Silver" version, so as to evaluate them and for personal use (I'm an avid PE fan). However, I must declare after trying them on, I used to be slightly disappointed.

The particular first thing I noticed about the Jes is that it experienced the noose design, which is a typical design that many penis extenders share. The noose design makes the extender very comfortable to wear as it chokes the flow of blood to your penis, and pinches the penis which in turn causes pain after wearing the extender for only a short time. It brought on so much discomfort which i could not bear to wear it for more than a few minutes.

You can slow up the discomfort Jes Extender problem somewhat, employing the "Silver" or "Gold" versions of the extender. These kinds of versions include a comfort strap, which makes them much more comfortable than the types with just the noose (i. e. the "Budget" and "Original" versions). We have the "Silver" version of the Jes, but I must say that even with the comfort band, the Jes "Silver" still isn't as comfortable as the SizeGenetics or Fastsize extenders.

The other bad thing about the Jes is its refund policy, which states that you may not get a refund once you have tried on the extender. Why would anyone buy the extender and then request a refund without attempting it on first? Typically the refund policy doesn't make much sense.

Having outlined the cons, I feel obligated to list the pros to achieve this extender rights. The Jes extender has been proven to work through clinical studies conducted. This meets the CE safety standard for class I actually medical device and therefore is safe to use. Other male enhancement enthusiasts have told me this estirar does work in increasing penis length, although We couldn't bring myself to wear it long enough to experience any noticeable gains.

Also, if you're on a little budget, you might have reason to consider the "budget" version of the Jes, which is probably the cheapest penis stretcher on the market right now. It also has available a monthly transaction plan. So if most likely tight on money but still need to get a penile extender now, the Jes "budget" version may be your solution.

Another pro that the Jes stretcher has, is that is actually durable and is made to last. The "gold" version Jes has a life span warranty, and however, "Budget" version has a one year warranty. When you're sure you'll be utilizing a penis extender for years to come, and you won't mind the distress, then the Jes may be an option for you.

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