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Our hair is the FolliPlex probably the most important part of our appearance, this is why we should always take great care of it when we want to make sure that we look great. There are times though when we feel that we need a bit of help so here are some tips that will help your style your hair better than before.  The first step in reducing the look of thinning hair is finding the right Hair Style. When choosing a Hair Style your best bet would be to network with a great hair stylist who is capable of hiding your thinning hair with ease. If you are losing hair at the crown of your head then then you might want to go with a deep part that allows you to layer over your hair. This will allow you to manipulate your hair and effectively hide your thinning area.  It's all you + Interview your stylist to get some tips for the style that suits different aspects of you: your face, your body, and most importantly, your personality; ask how a curling iron works too! Jet-straight Hair Style Videos won't exactly work for girls with thin facial features. Likewise, a peppy, curly look isn't the best choice for the CEO who's going to head a meeting with other executives about a corporate merger.  When you buy a KeraCare Styling Wax Stick, it is applied directly to the hair. The process is similar to using lipstick or deodorant. While the wax is solid, it got soft once I combed through my hair. One interesting aspect of this KeraCare Styling Wax is that it shows markings from hair strands when used. The Hair Styling product is useful in winter and summer months.  Usually, the best viral videos are funny. Sometimes a moment of tragedy or triumph is unexpectedly captured giving a video a place in history, like Sullenberger's heroic landing of US Airways Flight 1549 in the Hudson River. During election cycles sometimes a viral video is borne of a candidate or campaign manager who is either a genius or an idiot.  It would have been a mint product if it would have held my style in place. I have switched back to my $2.00 brand, and will likely not bother with using expensive hair sprays from Nexxus in the future.

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