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Invention 2 Download Setup Compressed

Invention 2 Download Setup Compressed

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About This Game

While you were on the island exploring the underground laboratory, the infection was busy spreading throughout the world. In this episode, you have to go through a city populated by monsters in search of salvation aided by weapons that you will find during your travels. The gloomy atmosphere, music and atmosphere and a crowd of walking meat will keep you on your toes! 7ad7b8b382

Title: Invention 2
Genre: Action, Indie
Release Date: 23 Sep, 2016


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Look at my playtime - This is what you get if you kill every single zombie in the whole game. Is it worth it then? I tried giving it a chance, i know it is cheap and almost free.. but it should be free for something someone calls a game.
Even for the low price I would not recommend this... It feels unfinished.. but it is not early alpha or anything? Feels like a free game you play on Facebook or something. I don't get the hunger part either.. I didn't eat anything and nothing happened? And you can jump, but can't jump on anything. You weapons can break? But the game is far to short for it to be any "danger" of that happening. This is lame. Needs much much much much work and more thought into it.. I like the "RPG" style with the inventory.. but it is far useless due to your armor never breaks, and you never need to use medpack or anything... Just a big NOPE so far.

Oh and also to add! In the trailer they show you like 95 % of the whole game :) Enjoy.. This is a first-person-shooter zombie game.
Hi, this place is overrun with zombies. Do you have a gun and some bullets? Good, now get out and survive. The weapons can break from over use so find some new once.
It is inexpensive and really short, like 1 hour max to complete the game from start to finish.
The sound of the zombies comming does not always come from where the zombie is compaired to you, the female zombies can be killed by 1 bullet to the head with a handgun, but that does not go for the male zombies. You do not really get an input from being attacked besides getting some red on your screen, the food bar is useless since you can't die from starvation, the guns do not feel impactful apart from the first shot that stagers, but the rest of the bullets does not feel like they hit. The biggest enemy is not in the end or the last level, the shotgun is too powerful and it kills the biggest zombie with only 5 shot to the torso.
There are cards and badges, but not achievements.
If you want a first-person-shooter that does not cost alot and that does not take alot of time to complete, then this might be a game for you.
Have fun, enjoy and shot the zombos :). The game cost me \u20ac0.25 with a 75% off coupon. You get 3 trading cards from the game worth (very surprisingly) \u20ac0.08 each, so that means the trading cards are worth \u20ac0.24. Therefore the game only cost me 1 single cent (penny)... and yet I still feel ripped off.. No, I don't recommend this. It looks like a child played in unity for a week and this is what came out. Very little effort here.

It's the start of something nice but this IS the final product.

I completed the ENTIRE game in 28 minutes. Not speed running and idling for a few minutes to go to the bathroom.

It's cheap but still ain't worth the money.

You need to eat every 3 minutes or you will die. Yes, that's correct. Three minutes.

Sound and music is awful but I expected that.

AI is straight idiotic but some models look nice.

It's 2 gig for 30 minutes of unchallenging and uninspiring gameplay.

Many bugs.

Two of the maps are direct copies of maps from Left 4 Dead 1. Play the game for yourself and you'll know exactly what ones I mean.

The dev seems to be obsessed with asian girls because there are tons of pictures of them and some are half nude. (they are covered but still) (this kind of thing turns me away from many video games)

Animations are alright.

Icons for in game equipment are alright.

Graphics I didn't mind.

6\/10. Refunding. As a fellow indie dev who strives to make his games as good as possible, getting community involvement and eliminate all bugs and such, it really annoys me to see "finished" products like this. Even if for only a dollar. Crap is still crap.<\/u>

P.S. If you're just going to comment to start trouble, don't. I'm not going to be harassed by a bunch of fan boys for having an opinion of my own.<\/u>. Where do I begin? There are an amazing amount of poor design decisions in this title:

1.The melee weapons are FAR overpowered, you can beat the entire game with the knife.

2. The weapons have a durability meter that is pointless, the game is too short; you'd never break a weapon even if you went out of your way to kill every enemy in the game with one.

3. The game gives too much ammo and supplies, you never feel in danger of running out; towards the end I started
having to unload the ak-47 into enemies just to save space for other types of ammo.

4.Some of the weapon inventory icons do not represent the in-game items\/weapons.

5.Zombies are very slow so you can run through the entire level pacifist style if you wanted.

6.The game just ends by kicking you to the title screen, At first I thought it was a bug or something so I reloaded and beat the game twice just to be sure.

7. Some assets don't have a Physical forms in-game (you can walk through set-dressing objects like buses and cars)

8. Some assents DO have physical forms that MAKE NO SENSE!! You can't shoot through bushes or glass...

9. Enemies don't do enough damage.

10. You can stun lock with your knife so the zombies don't stand a chance.

11. Nonsensical invisible walls.

12.Its mostly an asset flip. There is nothing wrong with buying assets tp import into your games; but the game isn't aesthetically pleasing when you notice the midevil underworld minon zombies stambering next to the office temp worker zombies.

Do mind that this title ISN'T in early access; This is it. THATS ALL SHE WROTE! For $ 1.09 CAD I could have gotten a snickers bar... So the question is did I enjoy this game more then I would have say a crunchy chocolate waver bar~?

No. I'm going to get a refund. -Which is unfortunate, but I insist the the developer of this game NEVER GIVE UP! You've gotten the base of creating a game; not pour your effort into your next project! Take what you've learned from making Inventiuon 2 and make sure that your next game is properly balanced and created.. + Inventory.
+ Different weapons.
+ Fun for first 10 minutes game.
+ Steam cards :D

- I had to turn off gamepad because stupid glitch.
- Ugly graphics and animations.
- Extreme short. (25min to complete game)
- No ending, outro.. Holy crap! A tutorial, to explain the series' perplexingly complicated inventory system!! (Well, perplexingly complicated for a mindless action shooter which is over almost as soon as it starts. Thank f*ck the dev didn't throw in any SKILL TREES, eh?) There's also no notes to read this time, which is probably for the best, given that the first game's efforts read like the poetry of a teenage baboon who only recently finished his first English lesson.

These are about the ONLY improvements to be seen here, however, as this is basically the same game as Invention, but in a different location. A regrettably LESS INTERESTING location, so even the early intrigue briefly generated by the "bunker" in the first game - which ultimately went nowhere, of course - is painfully absent here. Invention 2's vision of an urban environment devastated by an undead plague is, perhaps not surprisingly, neither original nor exemplary.

But if you're looking for a very short, very crap-looking third-rate rip-off of Left 4 Dead, you could definitely do worse. Like the first instalment, it's perfectly playable, just wholly uninspired. No, scrap that: even less inspired than the original. Think one of the more mediocre Half-Life mods you've ever played, and you're pretty much there.

Oh, and the ending is even MORE anti-climactic than the first game's. No mean feat.

Your games are supposed to get BETTER, Mr Falcoware, not worse. Only recommended to desperate fourteen-year-olds with no more than a dollar to their name.

Verdict: 5\/10.

(PS If you enjoyed this review, feel free to check out my two Curator pages: http:\/\/\/curator\/9284586-ReviewsJustfortheHELLofit\/<\/a>
Cheers!). this game has some real potential. i agree that it is short, but i think making it open world would improve the level structure. the ai needs some improvements also. there needs to be some sought of stealth system put in place as well as the enemys instantly detect you. this game is pretty fun while it lasts though, and for 79p who can complain?
6\/10 not bad. Quick little zombie fix. Worth the price. No story, ...

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