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Nearly one in four American people are victims of burglary each year. If these intrusions are not inevitable, it is because there exists today a solution of optimal protection. This is indeed the central alarm associated with remote monitoring of the house. Why choose this security system more than another? Alpha Fire & Security Systems tell you everything.

Remote Monitoring For A House Protected To The Maximum

Connected to the telephone network and an alarm center, home monitoring, equipped with a GSM alarm, is a very effective way to make burglars flee or to stop them.

With the help of various sensors carefully positioned throughout your home, intrusion detection can be used to warn the neighborhood and the monitoring center.

As a result, you will not only be notified of the break-in of your home, but a security guard will also be rushed to the scene. Note that a robbery lasts on average about 20 minutes.

An alarm with remote monitoring is therefore particularly suitable for isolated dwellings, whether residential or commercial. In case there are no nearby neighbors, the alarm will automatically sound a deterrent siren.

The owner can receive on his phone an "intrusion" alert via a GSM transmitter. For isolated premises, this solution is highly recommended because the monitoring company can send a security agent on site to ensure the inventory.

A Solution To Tailor-Made And Complementary Services

Beyond playing a deterrent role, telemonitoring includes a set of services that are truly adapted to protecting your home. Specifically, it takes into account a large number of fully customized criteria such as the specificities of your property, the presence of pets, the number of people who make up the home, your safety instructions or the configuration of your site.

Its other strength lies in the ability to upgrade your alarm with remote monitoring and add new home automation features.

This remote monitoring has innumerable advantages. It complements the alarm for traditional home and even works in case of internet break since it is based on a GSM transmitter. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, this innovative solution allows a better responsiveness of the remote monitoring team that will respect the instructions previously established with you.

Remote monitoring, like the alarm for home,has evolved over time to adapt to the needs of each. It is an effective deterrent against burglars and an ideal solution in addition to a security system.

Remote monitoring from experts of Alpha Fire & Security Systems is therefore an option of choice that offers more protection to feel safe at home or at your workplace.

What Are The Costs Of Selling And Installing A Video Surveillance System?

CCTV has long been reserved for large budgets and professionals, but its cost has largely been democratized in recent years with the arrival of new technologies: webcam, IP cameras. All scholarships can find a video surveillance device tailored to their needs.

In addition to the cost of the equipment, it is necessary to add that of the installation by a CCTV installer from Alpha Fire & Security Systems. For a wired video surveillance system, heavy work is expected to pass the cables, which involves significant labor costs. For an IP video surveillance system, if the IP cameras are connected to an existing computer network, the installation cost will be rather low (setting only), but if you have to install the entire system, including the computer network, the installation may be more expensive than the installation of an analog video surveillance device for example. It will also provide for maintenance costs of the installation.




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