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Infinite Space III: Sea Of Stars Download With License Key

Infinite Space III: Sea Of Stars Download With License Key

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About This Game

Sea of Stars continues the Infinite Space series of games that defined the genre of short-form space roguelikes in Strange Adventures in Infinite Space (2001) and Weird Worlds: Return to Infinite Space (2005). It compresses a galaxy-spanning starship adventure into the space of a single sitting, but as the game world is randomly generated each time you play, you will keep coming back for more. There is enough variety in items, aliens and special encounters that you will always discover something new - no two sessions play the same.

Sea of Stars begins in the Glory star system, in an area of space known as the Purple Void for its colorful nebular clouds. The long-isolated Terran colony of Hope has discovered the secret of faster-than-light travel, and an age of interstellar adventure has begun. Choose your starship and blast off into the Infinite Space in search of fame and fortune! Travel from star to star, explore planets and discover strange lifeforms and artifacts left behind by ancient empires. Find technology to upgrade your ship and gain allies to grow your flotilla. Encounter bizarre and delightful alien races, trade with them or blow them up - the decision is yours. And sometimes, you will face an existential threat to all life in the sector, and get to save the world. 7ad7b8b382

Title: Infinite Space III: Sea of Stars
Genre: Adventure, Indie
Digital Eel
Digital Eel
Release Date: 29 Oct, 2015


infinite space iii sea of stars download. infinite space iii sea of stars

AVOID. What was supposed to be a sequel to Weird Worlds: Return to Infinite Space has turned into a tragic mess, almost exclusively due to the three dimensional interface that was introduced in this version. Weird Worlds was a simple, casual, and fun game two-dimensional board game. This is a hellish, cumbersome, awkard, and difficult to use 'game' with a three dimensional interface that subtracts far more from the experience than it can ever hope to add. Gameplay borders on meaninglessness.. I loved the first two Infinite Space games. They were awesome quick games to sit down and play when I needed a quick break from work. Very stress free and fun. I had the highest expectations for the third installment in one of my all time favorite space sims... and I have played it for less than an hour...

What killed it for me was the new 3D navigation map. It feels unfinished clunky. The previous games had an awesome 2D star map you navigated and it worked flawlessly. I really hated going to different stars only find find out I was navigating through a nebula unexpectedtly due to how the map works.

It is really a shame because I have always loved this type of game and this franchise.

Edited to fix a spelling mistake. It seems like an intriguing game to play; however, after about 15 minutes of game play the game crashes. I'm hoping that it'll stop if I find some way to fix this. Otherwise, I'll have to ask for my money back. As of right now, I don't recommend this game to anyone.. It really doesn't work yet - hopefully in 6 months or so and some more work - buy if you want to support....but do so with caution, when, IF, this will be a really playable game is open to debate.

HOWEVER do go grab weird worlds, that's great!

Now - now we have a game - an early access that paid off - but I stand by the whole 'released too soon' statment. I highly recommend the nice little quick game.

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