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Inferno: Deathfield Download With Utorrent

Inferno: Deathfield Download With Utorrent

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About This Game

Enter the world of Inferno! Win the war against demons and close the gates of Hell to save the world!

After a long time in exile, Lucifer, the King of the Underworld rages again to conquer the Hell. The demons emerge through the door of death and a chosen warrior is destined to seal it once for all and save the mankind from a total abolishment. Be the chosen warrior and save the world!

Inferno: Deathfield is a dark fantasy role-playing VR Game that takes you to a completely different dimension of the world. Airdemons, The Fallens, Necromancers, and Phlegyas, all being servants to the Lucifer, are ready to daunt you during the game. Use your mighty sword and crossbows to defeat them! Find the hidden routes through solving puzzles and develop your best strategy to clear the stages!

  • Strong storyline and attractive plot in the Story Mode.
  • Extremely difficult! Good luck not getting killed over and over! You need to develop various strategies to clear the stages.
  • Compete with people around the world in Infinite Mode and challenge the world rankings!
  • Immersive first-person combat action games in an outstanding fantasy environment.
  • Change your weapons wisely to match your battle strategies.
  • Utilize skills to aid your combat strategy!
1. Time Slow - Slow down the time and attack the enemies.

2. Dodge Slow - Combine dash movement and Time Slow, allowing you to move around and dodge the enemies’ fire as you kill them.

3. Forge your weapon and quickly attack and defeat your enemies with a single stroke in Infinite Dungeon (Ranking Mode).


Title: Inferno: Deathfield
Genre: Action, Adventure, RPG, Early Access
Framing Inc.
Release Date: 25 Jan, 2018


  • OS: Windows 7
  • Processor: Intel i5-4590
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Nvidia GTX 970
  • Storage: 4 GB available space


inferno deathfield. inferno deathfield vr

Should have held back little longer Devs!, I understand its early access & I am all for supporting the platform along with the devlopers. The concept is there however the combat feels off, including the crossbows, also I have a well benchmark optimised computer for VR & had issues even on low here. I dont mind something being challenging, however the lack of checkpoints is annoying.

I will be back! but for now Its not an enjoyable experience.

Looks Good
Love the concept

No checkpoints
Extreamly badly optimised
Combat is not fun *crossbows im looking at you
When you use a spell (slowtime) the visual is terrible (you feel the games crashed)
. Someone made a really great comparison earlier when I was playing this and they called it Dark Souls VR. It's very punishing, but not impossible, and you make it where you do based off of skill you do or don't have. I've spent hours playing this game on a family shared account despite my playtime here, so this game is family share-friendly.

The story elements are scarce and done with pictures\/text, but early access maybe? I'd like to see how the story's told to be more developed.

Locomotion includes teleport and smooth-turn only (snap-turn pls?) artificial locomotion (i.e. Onward). The game isn't very optimized, an i7-6800k OC'd + 1080TI needs to run at Low to get the best frames, which are very important to understand how enemies attack and how to counter. And Low to High settings never looked that different in my playthrough, it still looks really good. Watch out if you're in a small space, I whacked my wall once or twice playing.

The audio will only work if you're in the window of the game, so running software like OVRDrop will break the audio as soon as you bring up your virtual window, though what sounds are there are nice. Really reminds of Dark Souls with the lack of music between your fights and different places you explore, I like this and would like to see more ambient noises added.

You require strategy in combat to go far at all in the game, as I'm sure you'll quickly discover. Use the tools you're provided, maybe even combining them to make yourself an effective warrior. I've also discovered the strength of your hits don't matter as much as the number of them, you don't need to 100%, or even 50% any of the hits. I don't know how I feel about that, but it makes the game accessible to many.

Speaking of accessibility, you will be standing no matter what position you're in IRL when you spawn, but it serves as a base point (sit on the floor and spawn and stand up to enable giant mode, for example). I think this is very cool as players who cannot stand can still play and enjoy the game.

These are all details of an Early Access game which may very well progress to be nothing like it is now, but I really like what we're getting here. If this had multi-player, I'd #$%* myself. I just wanted to provide a balance to the only other reviews for this game which are thumbs down, I don't normally write these.

Can't wait for future updates!\/videos\/223159944\" target=\"_blank\" rel=\"noopener\" >if you want to see my first look at the game<\/a>. Refunded.

Music, visuals, popping and game mechanics are not worth the price even if it is early access. Plenty of other early access games out there that shine above this title. Buyers beware.. Abandonware.. I tried it on oculus rift and I was too tall \/ high up too engage in battle with the enemies.
They could hit me through.. Compares favorably to In Death but a little bit more arcade-like. locomotion is handled well with trackpad touch to move. double tap to dash. No issues there but you may need VR legs . I'm running it on a 1080 with graphics on low and it still looks amazing.
The game seemed a little less polished at first but it's actually good once you get into it. I like how each enemy has a strategy for killing them efficiently. This helps keep the game from feeling too mindless. Also the levels aren't random which I like, there multiple paths of exploration within the castle.
After about 2 hours I'm still not sure how long it is. I see myself approaching the top of the castle, but there's at least one enemy type I haven't seen yet.
People mentioned that there's no checkpoints but there actually is. When new doors unlock after you clear a room, they stay unlocked even across play sessions.

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