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About This Game

When Industrial Giant was originally released in 1997 the world was in financial chaos and shocking events that would ripple down through history, the world of chess was shocked, and some would say this was the end of the game. Deep Blue chess-playing computer defeated chess champion Garry Kasparov, Stock markets around the world crashed because of a global economic crisis scare and Microsoft becomes the world’s most valuable company valued at $261 billion dollars.

So, it would seem when this game was launched onto the gaming market the world was in a financial flux and the markets were in chaos, but could you do a better job?
In Industrial Giant you have to find a route to profit to prove your management skills in this resource management business simulation. Experience the soaring heights and the shattering depths of being an industrial giant!

A factory, a store and some lorries – a simple beginning can be the start of an illustrious career! Build all types of factories, buy your raw materials at a bargain and manufacture the products that will bring you fame and fortune. All you need now is the right advertising strategy – and watch the tills in your newly opened stores fill up.

See what you can do in the toy and sports goods industry. Earn your money from jewelry and furniture. And be prepared for the challenges of the computer age. The automobile and electronics industries will make demands on your organizational skills. What is the competition up to? Are they starting to become a nuisance? Then by them out! If you have enough money, that’s it. Or make your companies running more successful than others! So no one will be able to stop you on your path to success…

Industry Giant stands for simple and comfortable commands combined with a high degree of complexity – yet easy to understand.


  • Economic strategy simulation in real time
  • Infinite number of game worlds
  • All kinds of Industries and over 30 products
  • Up to three intelligent computer opponents
  • Lots of exciting careers and single missions

Title: Industry Giant
Genre: Simulation, Strategy
Toplitz Productions
Release Date: 20 Jun, 1997


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After all the years I can play one of my favourite Tycoon games ever again. Thanks for bringing this title online again. Great work!!!. I can't recommend this game to anyone because the graphics are not in HD like Industry Giant 2. This might be a very old game but It has a ton of problems that the devs should have been addressed before they released It. They also haven't released any details on the version at all.. Does not run properly on high res screens https:\/\/\/nnAq8e<\/a>

Don't waste your time and money. This is nothing but a port of the original game so expect nothing new and nothing to be fixed. But still worth the price for what you get.

I recommend this game for anyone looking for a small challenge to pass the time on a lazy afternoon. The scope is limited and the learning curve is non-existent. Simply read up on available (in-game) products at the beginning of a session, create a model of the first industry in your mind, then execute it before the AI decides to use your same spot.

The game has run without any graphics issues for me (32" curved samsung, Windows 7) but all of the old bugs are still present. This game is very basic and will not take long to master with limited products lines, no advertising, and no way to mess with your opponent (beyond destroying trees around a lumber yard they are using or paying to destroy a town that is home to their flagship product). Worth the money for the fun it still brings and certainly worth it on sale.. After all the years I can play one of my favourite Tycoon games ever again. Thanks for bringing this title online again. Great work!!!. Graphics are way off on modern screens . original game good
. I can't recommend this game to anyone because the graphics are no...

Don't waste your time and money

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