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How has changed the usual aproach to employee background check?

In case you are a business, background verification in the new workers, before their onboarding, will be an incredibly essential a part of your recruitment method. However, as you would need to employ the 3rd parties, you will have to incur some extra expenditures, and on a lengthy run, this could quantity to a substantial worth. But now, with the inception of, companies in the US can expect for some worthy exception to this usual practice.

How WHOCALL can add value to the background verification process?

Availing the services by WHOCALL, companies are now in the position to get authentic and accurate details about any individual in the US, simply using their Phone numbers. On the site, a single can conduct a phone search to retrieve complete information about an individual, including his/her Photo, Legal records, Criminal record, if any, too because the records of marriage and divorce, as well as the private profiles around the social media platforms, just inside a couple of seconds. This way, companies can minimize the turnaround time within the background verification procedure, in comparison with the time taken to complete such measures by 3rd parties.

How this service saves expense?

As conducting the phone search on, companies can total the background verification of its new staff themselves, they are able to escape the wants to spend the 3rd parties to conduct exactly the same activity on their behalf. This paves the way for any major expense saving, without having compromising with the integrity factors. The very best point is that, the report stays private and confidential.

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