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How to Play Wilderness Survival Games

The Lost Ways 

There's no question that it gets cold out at night on the ocean or river, so bring along warm clothing (that's still waterproof) as well as an extra blanket. If you intend to write then you might want to bring a waterproof notebook. In case you're wondering, yes, there are waterproof computers and waterproof supplies. You don't have to live without modern technology aboard a boat-you just have buy a quality brand that offers full protection against the elements. Other electronic items you could consider for marine survival gear might include marine stereos, marine radars and marine GPS systems.

The more electronic devices you have the more batteries and battery backups you will need. After all, once you run out of batteries your time is up...and if that means your GPS system is out then you are lost at sea! Also remember to bring a couple of flashlights so you can find your way around at night.The Mayan civilization have predicted an end of times looming in 2012 and for those that take matters like this seriously, a preparation will be necessary to avoid being swept up in the mad dash for supplies when the end comes.

There are four major 2012 survival tips that you will need to heavily consider if you are planning on surviving through the looming calamity.The first major step in regards to 2012 Survival Tips is to pay attention to any natural disaster that changes the world. Far beyond simple calamity, you need to make sure that you are noting large catastrophe that is associated with the Earth. This means earthquakes, droughts, floods, sickness, and fires. Not just locally, but globally and look to see the death tolls and how it shifts local economy, weather and more.

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