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How To Get Rid Of Urine Through Your Bed mattress

Right now there are lots of commercial cat odor eliminators available and one of these is probably your best and safest bet. But if you don't eventually have any of those products at hand, try one of the alternatives below.

Option 1: Soak the urine stain with white vinegar, either straight from the bottle or mixed with water. Let the vinegar sit for a few minutes, then blot as much of it as you can from the mattress. Now clean the area with meal washing liquid, wipe down with plain water, then sprinkle the area liberally with baking soda and rub it into the fabric. When the cooking soda has dried, machine the area. This method tends to leave the mattress smelling like white vinegar for a while, but it beats the option.

Option 2: Make a paste of baking soda pop and hydrogen peroxide. Work the mixture into the material with a brush and let dry, then vacuum cleaner up any remaining remains. If the urine smell remains after the Mattress Steam Cleaning Canberrais dry, repeat the process. It can take two or three treatments to completely eliminate the smell.

Option 3: Scrub down the area with shampoo or dish cleansing liquid, then soak the area with rubbing alcoholic beverages and let it dry. In the event the smell remains after the mattress is dry, repeat the process.

When the urine has already dried out to the mattress getting free of the odor will be more difficult. Once again, a commercial product specifically made to remove cat urine scent will likely be the most effective, but the methods above are definitely worth a shot. Doing it scrubbing outside and letting the bed dry in the sunshine can help.

It pays to be thorough, because provided that the cat can smell pee in the mattress, the lady will probably continue to urinate on it. In case you have a persistent mattress pee-er, think about scheduling a trip to the vet. This habits can become a sign of illness like a urinary tract infection. Cats who are feeling stress may also show this behavior.

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