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Lean Belly Breakthrough 

When your stress you seem to get hungry more and turn to a bit of comfort eating. I am willing to bet that in most people's cases when you need a bit of food for comfort you don't reach out for the carrot stick
and orange juice. For most people its alcohol land chocolate or something equally as bad as that.If exposed to high stress levels for a long period of time it can also start to effect you blood sugar.

This brings in our old friend mood swings and possibly hypos glycemia which again can lead to more heart problem and diabetes.So we all agree that being under stress can lead to weight gain and health problems but the question is how to reduce stress. Obviously we can't do a lot about the stresses that we have in our lives. Such as paying the mortgage and tight deadlines. But we can do something about how our bodies handle the stress.

There are three things that I will recommend to help you to naturally combat stress from your body.Take 15 mins of exercise every day. Just a gentle walk will do it while thinking of all the things that you are thankful for. the exercise alone will be of benefit to weight loss but also release lots of good things inthe brain to help you to feel more positive.

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