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Building trust is a crucial step in establishing a profitable business on the internet. Websites are powerful marketing tools and having a professional-looking authority website is the first step in achieving credibility and portraying a professional image online.

Updating the website content regularly is the key to achieve authority and get higher rankings on the search engine result page (SERP). There are various SEO strategies to boost this process and help increase the visibility of your website in search queries. Placing high-quality relevant backlinks is one of them.

Backlinking has been abused in the past up to a great extent and has resulted in the "Big G" tightening up irrelevant and automated backlinking. The blackhat backlinking involved getting thousands of backlinks from specially designed systems and software within a matter of minutes. Thankfully, those days have gone, but don't get me wrong backlinks still have value and particularly help websites "keep good friends," enhancing relevance, value, and identity.

Backlinks are incoming links from one website to another. Greater the number of backlinks pointing back to your site greater the number of people coming to your site. Irrespective of rankings, this will help in huge traffic generation, on your website, over time and, in turn, will steadily increase the number of potential customers for your products and services.

How to Get Backlinks

Top 5 strategies of getting high-quality relevant backlinks are discussed below:

  • Article Directories
  • YouTube Videos
  • Be a Guest Author
  • Comment Posting
  • Yahoo Q and A Sessions

Article Directories

Article directories are huge-traffic websites that allow you to submit your unique, high-quality, engaging articles to the directory. These directories give you immense exposure by allowing you to embed your website link in the signature line or in the resource box at the end of the article.

It will be beneficial if you post articles related to your niche so that you can convince the readers with your expertise in the subject and gain credibility about your business.

YouTube Videos

Videos provide instant information in an engaging and interactive way. Submit high-quality appealing videos of your products and services either real, animated, or, in the form of, simple powerpoint presentations to YouTube with your site's URL in the description field.

Be a Guest Author

Identify top-class huge-traffic websites related to your niche through online research. Contact the webmasters and ask them if you can write articles for them with your business URL embedded at the end of the article.

Posting Comments

Posting relevant comments, with your site link embedded, to posts and blogs of high-quality huge-traffic websites will not only flaunt your expertise about your niche but also helps in establishing trust among visitors Provide, SEO, services


Yahoo Q and A Sessions

Open a Yahoo answer account and use your expertise and strength to answer queries related to your niche. Don't forget to mention your site's URL in your answers. Your informative answers will convince people to know more about you and your business.

Besides this, social media platforms, social bookmarking sites, RSS directories, online discussion forums, etc., can also be utilized for link building purposes. All of these link-building exercises require you to be informative and responsible for all your statements, posts, and articles, and the backlinks they generate should be valuable and relevant with relevant anchor text (the descriptive label of the hyperlink) to gain credibility. Irrelevant backlinks will have null or opposite effects on the SEO as well as on traffic generation.

Be wise, develop good backlinks, and be in "good circles."

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