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How to Find the Most Affordable Funeral Home for Memorial Service in Dallas, Texas?

If you are reading this, there are chances that you have been baffled about finding the most affordable funeral Arlington TX. While losing someone does not leave you in a state to search and find out the best in the market, you can relax now as Davis Funeral Chapel comes forward to offer a number of finest quality services at the most affordable rates. Helping you in the time of need, they make an attempt to include everything in the package. Offering service to all of Texas, they have become the best place for memorial service Dallas TX. Besides having your budget respected at all times, they also provide a wide variety of burial options ranging from complete funeral to simple burial to chapel service to hearse to graveside service and many more at the most affordable rates.

How to Know More about the Funeral Packages Offered By Them?

Often recognized as the best funeral home Keller TX, Davis Funeral Chapel takes pride in being able to assist you in the chapel of your choice. Whether you are worried about arrangement of flowers or whether you are willing to know more about the high quality caskets that they offer, you can relax as they strive to make it as much peaceful as it can be for you. Some of the packages offered by them are:

• Direct Burial without Graveside Service:
This service costs $1750 only and does not include graveside services. The delivery of casketed remains to cemetery within the local service area and you can have nice 20ga steel casket available in 8 colors.        
• Direct Burial with Graveside Service:
This service costs $ 1950 and they offer coordination of a graveside service. The casketed is delivered to the cemetery within the local service area from 9 am to 4 pm.
• Full Funeral Service At Davis Funeral Chapel:
This service costs $1800 and includes folders & register book. On request, you can get services like embalming, dressing, cosmetology, coordination and use of Davis Funeral Chapel viewing facilities, handling of flowers, delivery in hearse of casketed remains in a local cemetery for graveside service.

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