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How To Find The Best Book On Bullying From The Creative Minds Work Publications?

If you ever had an experience of being bullied, perhaps you know how lonely does it feel to be bullied by someone else. Apart from feeling lonely, bullying is often considered to affect the self-confidence as well. Now in this era, thousands of teens get bullied every second and if you have not yet thought how to keep your kids away from being bullied, or rather how to combat it, this is the place where you will perhaps find the best remedy ever. Tiana Bunnell-Mumford launches much awaited book “Barber Shop Talk” which has been published by Creative Minds Work and it offers display of a story through which you can learn ways of forgiveness whenever face with bullying, how to build positive relationships, recognize self-realization, and overcoming other preteen and teen hurdles.

How Does Bullying Effect Actually?

If your kids are looking for safe heaven away from bullying, you need to have a better understanding of how bullying does affect the human psyche.

• Feel anxious, depressed, lonesome or insecure and feel like crying a lot.

• Be unable to concentrate in class.

• Feel angry and wonder why this is happening to you.

• Regularly end up in physical fights or arguments while trying to defend yourself.

• Feel afraid to go to school and nervous if you’re on your own.

• Think the problem is relentless and wonder if it will ever stop.

• Feel unhappy, isolated and avoid group situations.

• Spend a lot of time trying to figure out what to do or even where to go to avoid being harassed.

Who Is Tiana Bunnell-Mumford?

Tiana Bunnell-Mumford has an Associate of Applied Science degree in Medical Assistant. She stands by her faith that young readers and adults will be depending the message within the girl books. She resides within Indianapolis, IN with her husband and children. Books penned by Tiana are impacting children and women around the world on eBook as well as the printed version.

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