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How to Earn Links by Creating Free Tools

Calculators and other free online tools have been around for a long time and are no flash in the pan trick, but I’m now seeing them as one of the best content-based vehicles to build links of real value.

To clarify, a tool is a digital means of processing an action or providing insights – think of Answer the Public or Buffer.

Calculators are a form of tool that processes data to offer an answer based on a set of variables.  

What paid tools often do well is to offer a freemium version that completes one action of significant value but has limited results. Just enough to:

  • Encourage linking but not giving away the full scope of the tool for free.
  • Get a user hooked on the tool and more likely to upgrade.

Think of Buffer, Screaming Frog, BuzzSumo, etc. The free Buffer account has been invaluable to me over the years.

Calculators, on the other hand, are amazing because they offer so much value. I have the percentage calculator in my bookmark and use it on a regular basis.

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