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How To Delete Comments On Facebook 5.0

My friends can tag me in free facebook app for iphone and I cannot find a way to remove this tag or the post because they have written it, not I.. .. On Facebook , if I delete an margaret urlich facebook .. How To : Delete your Facebook account By Scott Younker Digital Trends Tue, Dec 6, 2011.. Email 0; Share 26; Tweet.. 28.. Share 0; Print; Related Content .. When should you delete a comment on your Facebook Page? from .. It may be tempting to delete comments that are critical of your organization.. No more Arggh! Copy, delete , paste, edit, post.. Facebook is now rolling out the ability to edit comments , but users will be able to see the full edit .. Facebook comments cannot be moderated before they show on your archive, but they can be deleted in social stats area if needed.. To delete Facebook comments , go to .. I started researching this because I wanted to be able to delete a comment on the wall of a Facebook Event, because the "Remove post" doesn't seem to be applicable to .

Facebook : Can't delete my old comments ! I made a comment in a friend's picture in Facebook .. I deactivated and then shortly reactived my account.. After reactivation, I .. How to Insert or delete a comment in MS Word 2007 This video tutorial is in the Software category which .. How to Delete a Facebook account forever Want to .. How to Delete Friends on Facebook .. .. Keep in mind that deleted friends will still be able to see your comments on content that is posted by a mutual friend.. Best Answer: put your mouse in the top right corner of the comment until the edit button shows up.. First I will explain how to delete posts from your Facebook wall.. .. Again, this is permanent so be certain that you really want to delete these comments .. How to remove the comments and likes from the Facebook ticker.. How to remove the comments and likes from the Facebook ticker.. .. Storm OS 5.0 Themes;.. How to delete every Facebook wall post, wipe your Timeline.. .. by all means shoot your suggestions in the comments .. Related: couverture facebook 2012 Timeline goes live: .. How can I delete a Facebook account I have lost the password for? How do I remove the comments I left on website comment sections via Facebook ?.. How do I permanently delete a Facebook account? A: Facebook doesn't make it quick or easy.. . cffd75a8dd 18

Comments are closed for this entry View All.. Recency .. Why can't I delete my old Facebook comments ? I made a comment on a friend's picture in Facebook .. I deactivated zero facebook mobile then shortly reactived my account.. After .. When I try to delete a comment on my Facebook from my iPhone, it doesn't work.. I swipe to the left/right to see if the delete sign will show up, & it just swipes to .. hi friends it's me again with another problem like the title .. is there a way to delete edit ( comment facebook insights for your domain in the new version (2.0) of facebook ?.. Enter a descriptive name for it like delete Facebook groups .. .. What I would like to do is delete comments that III posted on other peoples walls years ago.. How to Permanently Delete a Facebook Account.. Deactivating your Facebook account will temporarily hide your information, but deletion is permanent.. Here's how to .. Topic: How To Delete All Facebook Messages In One Click .. Was this comment helpful? .. Mar 18, 2013 .. Get notified when friends like and comment funny quiz questions for facebook your posts .. And why still can't I delete comments within the app? .

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