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How Private Home Tuition in Lucknow saved Ajay’s boards and his career

Ramesh was a concerned father. It was because of his son Ajay. It was not as if Ajay was a disillusioned teenager or that his behaviour was out of line. It was just that his grades were consistently dipping with every exam and as his boards were inching closer, Ramesh’s anxiety levels were on the rise.

It was then that Ramesh opted for Genext Students Private Limited’s Private Home Tuition in Lucknow services and viola! Not only did Ajay’s grades increase but also he passed his boards with flying colours. So what is so special about Private Home Tuitions in Lucknow? Let us find out.

Attention in schools and coaching centres- a myth.

Ajay previously had studied in numerous tuition centres but he never was able to connect with the teacher and put his thoughts. It was the same scenario in school as well. The reason he, and innumerable other students across the country, face the same problem is because individual attention is a myth in such a setting. 

If you think about it logically then you will see a class or a batch will be made up of at least 30-40 students and the time allocated to any teacher for teaching a particular portion is roughly around an hour. Due to constraints in time, the teacher often rushes through his or her portions. Even when the students had any query, they hardly could approach the teacher because whenever they did, the class would have been over and the next class would commence.

How Private Home Tuition in Lucknow changed that

Private Home Tuitions in Lucknow changed this student teacher dynamics completely for Ajay as his tutor would come to his house to teach and at his preferred time. He and other students who availed the services of Private Home Tuition in Lucknow would be ask to ask and clear their doubts spontaneously, which resulted in better learning and culminated into better grades.

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