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About This Game

Following its international success, Hotel Giant is back and bigger than ever. In Hotel Giant 2 you will create the hotel of your dreams and manage prestigious locations around the world. Your goal is to attract as many guests as possible and make sure they are satisfied throughout their stay.

In order to meet your objective, you must develop a high standard of service, hire an excellent staff, decorate every room to your liking and never forget that the customer is always right. Exceed your guests’ expectations by improving their stay, earning more money and becoming the most successful hotel chain in the world!

  • Impressive realism: observe and influence the lives of your guests, meet their needs, face their wrath…
  • Great scope: 26 unique hotels in various locations such as Paris, Rome, Los Angeles, and Munich… and more than 1,400 objects and furniture items to decorate and adorn your hotels
  • Full customization: create multiple services (bars, specialty shops, conference rooms…) and amenities such as pool halls, arcades, executive lounges… configure their layout, choose the contents of the menu for your restaurant and even employ live performers to entertain your guest
  • Hundreds of customers to observe, analyze and understand, each client is different… ascertain their personalities, earn their satisfaction and win their tourist dollars
  • Intuitive interface, high performance 3D graphic engine which provides day and night features, self illuminating objects and more realistic animations than ever before for the ultimate life simulation gaming experience

Title: Hotel Giant 2
Genre: Simulation
Enlight Software Limited, PerspectX
Toplitz Productions
Release Date: 27 Jan, 2010


  • OS: Windows 98, 2000, ME, XP, Vista, 7, 8 (Windows 95 and NT not supported)
  • Processor: 1.5 GHz CPU
  • Memory: 512 MB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 5 series or above, ATI Radeon 9 series or above, with at least 256MB video memory
  • Hard Drive: 2 GB of free space
  • Sound: DirectX 9 compatible sound card


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Do you recommend this game, absolutely not, if there was an even lower score I'd give it without a doubt. I've been very patient with this game. On my first 2 (!) computers I couldn't get it to work at all. Now, on my 3rd computer I decided to just give it a try again and to my complete surprise, it actually started. I was very excited to finally, after 3 years, start to play this game. Boy, was I wrong...

First the game was just bathing in bright light. Ok\u00e9 fine, can happen to anyone, Google said to turn of glow and indeed it works fine then. But that's just where the problems start. I decided to start with the tutorial first. Very boring. Long pieces of text, pointing out things that are completely obvious and 10 minutes in the game I still had no clue what I was doing.

So I thought, I'll just figure it out myself, I've done this with dozens of games before, usually the controls aren't that difficult to figure out. Not this game though, the controls are a mess. Zooming in or out isn't possible and so far Google hasn't provided a solution for that. Nothing feels intuitive and everything seems out of place and not working the way they should.

Fine, I thought, I'll try to go build a room then. So, after 3 (!) tutorial videos and restarting the game twice because the image somehow zoomed in and I couldn't get it to zoom out again, I figured out how to build that room. But not how to turn it, no, only how to build it. Only I can't build it because the door is on the wrong side. So far Google hasn't provided me with a solution for this either.

There seem to be 20 different keys to change the camera angle, but none to change the angle back again and none to turn objects or rooms. Holding mousebuttons doesn't work, scrolling doesn't work, up and down doesn't work, - and + doesn't work... I read a review of someone who felt mugged and I absolutely agree with him\/her. This game is dreadful design and I don't even think Steam should sell it, since on half of the systems it doesn't work at all. If you want to spend 2 hours in frustration because you can't figure out anything in a game, GO for it! If not, stay away from this game.

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