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Hair loss has been a problem throughout many cultures for many centuries. Each culture had different techniques to stimulate hair growth and various methods to slow the process of hair loss. Each culture worked to find the right nutrient balance to slow the process of hair loss. If you struggle with hair loss, you will want to know how to slow its loss and stimulate growth. By understanding how other cultures approached hair restoration, you may gain insight into how to solve your own hair loss problem.

The Egyptians were the first people known for attempting to restore lost hair. They applied chopped lettuce to bald spots on the scalp and gave natural ingredient scalp massages with items such as fir tree extracts. Lettuce was known for virility and was considered helpful to hair growth. The resin in fir tree extracts was considered to also help with hair growth.

The Sub-Sahara culture of South Africa had methods to improve the problem of hair loss. Hair loss that was considered a problem of the scalp received avocado leaves as a treatment. Infusions were made into the scalp to allow the nutrients from the leaves to penetrate. Olive oil and flowers was also applied to the scalp as a tonic to aid in hair growth.

In India, different techniques were used to fight against hair loss. Sage leaf that had been boiled in coconut oil was applied to thinning hair. Coconut milk and oil mixed with black or Fenugreek powders was applied in the same way on thinning hair. An amla oil and coconut milk mixture provided nutrients for lost hair.

The Victorian American culture had numerous treatments for hair loss. It was believed that the more hair was brushed, the less likely it would begin thinning or balding. Applications of cologne, spirit of camphor and tincture were used for people most susceptible to hair loss. In some cases, various roots were applied nightly. Jamaican rum, glycerin, ammonia and rosemary oil mixed with water were also used in hair loss cases.

Ancient cultures used the approach of supplying nutrients to the scalp. The application of these was thought to prevent hair loss. Each culture used herbs and preservatives they considered effective in helping prevent hair loss and to stimulate new hair growth. In our society, hair loss affects men and women and is a self-esteem concern. Men and women are in a constant search for ways to keep their hair and the best ways to replace what has been lost. Many interesting products are on the market, but no one product has become the miracle cure everyone is looking for.

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