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here is why you have not missed the boat on vaping

here is why you have not missed the boat on vaping

There are an estimated 3m vapers in the UK, yet many wholesalers have not fully embraced the Electronic Cigarette category.

At this year’s Federation of Wholesale Distributors Conference, Bestway Wholesale managing director Martin Race picked up on the opportunity, urging wholesalers to “get on top of trends and get closer to the consumer”.

“Wholesale has got to take risks with new products. We have virtually lost out on vaping, and look at the size of it,” he added.

The e-cigarette category has mushroomed, with e-liquids the driving force, responsible for a 45% share of the market, according to analyst Nielsen.

However, Sophie Hogg, head of next-generation products (NGP) at Imperial Tobacco, which is behind the Blu brand, says the majority of e-vapour sales – around 75% – still stem from either online stores or specialist vape shops. “They tend to be seen as the current category experts,” she vape deals

Those wholesalers who have embraced vaping are seeing impressive results.

Grimsby-based wholesaler Dee Bee Wholesale invested in its range and sought specialist advice around eight months ago. Since then, it has experienced 265% growth in the category.

Likewise, fellow wholesaler United Wholesale Scotland predicts £1m sales in e-cigarettes and e-liquids next year having ploughed £250,000 into vape rooms and a business development programme for its retailers.“Wholesalers who want to succeed must start with their customers and create solutions that work for them,” says managing director Asim Sarwar.u2022eney7485yyWEEEEDD

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