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Gran Vitreous Apk Download

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About This Game

Gran Vitreous is a PC shmup that combines classic arena shooter gameplay with the mechanics of a loot driven action RPG. Upgrade your ships equipment and level up as you battle through a galaxy filled with randomly generated encounters.

Fight your way through a randomly generated galaxy as it unfolds in front of you. Each zone you encounter is unique; asteroid fields, gravity wells, large motherships, and massive army clusters are just some of the zone types you will find. In addition each zone is randomly given attributes that change the encounter, you could be fighting against larger tougher enemies in one zone and in another be battling in a tiny arena with slow firing enemies and your ships weapons are overcharged.

Enemies you destroy drop items and credits that you can use to upgrade your hull, shields, utility, main weapons, secondary weapons, and super weapons. Every piece of equipment is a unique piece of loot with randomly assigned stats and attributes. Item attributes are those you've come to expect from the loot driven subgenre (Critical hit chance, Increased item drop rate, Increased damage percent).

You will also gain XP from enemies you destroy to level up and gain skill points as well as allowing you to use higher level items. Use your skill points to enhance your ship in the way you see fit whether its to strengthen your shields increase your firerate or increase the drop quality of your items. Forge the ultimate weapon of space destruction to fight your way through the toughest enemies and bosses towards the edge of charted space. 7ad7b8b382

Title: Gran Vitreous
Genre: Action, Indie, RPG
Heliocentric Studios
Heliocentric Studios
Release Date: 20 May, 2015


- Just a cluster**** of flashy particles on the screen. Much more than you see in the trailer. No way to tell if stuff is bullets, enemies, bonuses or just particles and explosions. No option to tone it down. So you often just fly through stuff and _hope_ it doesn't kill you.
- No rebindable controls.
- Crashes.. Fun game, but grindy. In fact, with the right combination of trash gear, you can keep going until you simply don't do enough damage to kill fast enough, then upgrade to the appropriate level of trash gear, and repeat the process. Rerolling the gear is fun as always, but costs are too high for rare gear. Charge ability is a bit OP, whereas nukes aren't that useful. All in all a fun game that requires very low initial time investment (as opposed to say, Diablo III).

Still highly recommended however, as I find this great for stress relief.. This game is probably the best value for your dollar on Steam, period. A strong RPG progression system that includes both equipment changes, skills, and even a form of crafting. The base game is a 2d space shooter, but all of its parts combine to make something you don't want to miss.

+ A wide variety of weapons which all function differently.
+ Several abilities to choose from in the form of a 'Utility' slot
+ Many levels, all randomly generated
+ A bonus system, also random, allowing you to challenge yourself
+ A strong classic foundation (that of 2d space shooter)
+ An involved development team
+ A Path of Exile like Item crafting system. Allowing you to randomize stats and upgrade rarity on items you pick up
+ A unique battle every new system you go in to
+ A variety of enemies
+ Easy to pick up and just play 15 minutes when you don't have much time
+ Easy to sit down and play 14 hours straight if aren't careful

- I found a bug. Just one.
- After a certain point (for me about 40 hours in) I began wishing for more challenge
- Little real story, though this didn't bother me
- No real manual that I could find
- Controls took some searching

Well worth the asking price of $5. A spectacular little game that you can pour hours into.

EDIT, 4\/11\/16:
I still strongly recommend this game if you're a fan of RPG-based shooters. It seems, unfortunately, that the developer has stopped releasing new content though. I would've been thrilled if more content (even in the form of paid DLC's) was released, but no such luck. Do not let this put you off though, there's still a great deal of enjoyment to be gotten from this inexpensive top-down shooter.. I can already tell after .2 hours of playing this game that it is a very fun twin stick shooter. I think someone else described it as being a cross between Geometry Wars, FTL, and Rogue Legacy. That description is very apt.

Procedural generation + Roguelike + upgrades and inventory kept after death prevents this from being repetitive, frantic action makes it fun. A lethal combination that makes it one of the better time-killers available on Steam for $5.

. Gran Vitreous is a fast paced rogue-like shoot em up with a range of unique enemy types, a diverse weapon set, ship customization and a loot\/crafting system that keeps you wanting to playing.

Gran Vitreous has loot\/crafting mechanics reminiscent of any modern ARPG. This adds a lot of replayability in the form of a galaxy to progress through while you upgrade your ship, grind for new gear and aspire for geometric domination. The shop allows you to sell un-wanted loot, and a store that allows you to re-roll stats on gear that you wish to improve.

The game play is a well balanced set of enemies of various speeds and abilities, the zones are also randomized to include environmental factors such as asteroids, black holes, and debris fields but also adjust have randomized attributes modifiers to them such as item rarity, item count, enemy count, zone size, credit amount, enemy health, enemy damage, to name a few I can remember. This makes every zone a unique encounter as it impacts the way you fight each enemy type. Mix this with the different weapon types and it forces you to craft your own strategy as how to engage enemies in each zone.

Having played this on controller as well as Mouse\/Keyboard I can say the developer has done a great job of making the gameplay work well no matter which you are using. My preference for this type of game is to use a controller, however I have played it using mouse\/keyboard when my batteries died and I felt I did just as well.

Overall Gran Vitreous is a blast, it looks great has a unique soundtrack and affords you a considerable amount of fun in each level.. Don't buy this ,,, the menu system dosen't work properly ,,, Did i mention the menu system needs to be fixed. not as good as geometry wars

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