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Glossy high quality papers are commonly used to print flyers, but they can vary greatly. When selecting, remember that the paper you choose can determine how presentable the flyer looks and how long it can stand readable before going to waste. The thickness of your paper should therefore also be a consideration when choosing for durability purposes. The paper can determine your printing budget and the possibilities of bulk printing making it even more important to take the time in making the right decision.

Today, colored flyers are more professional, but you can also make black and white flyers stand out by being creative with your display or printing options. Graphics can be included and you have the liberty to choose whether to have all sides full colored or otherwise. Bleeding options are also available. By taking time to look at the options or the needs that you have as a business, you will easily make the right decision. The folding options are also important since they can determine how cumbersome it is to read a flyer. A folded flyer is however easier to handle and carry. The options include no fold, tri-fold, half-fold and gate-fold made up of panels and parallel folding.

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