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Getting To the Root of The Bin Checker Database

Bin checker database is what is used to identify credit and debit cards. The Form of identification is in the form of numbers that vary according to the kind of the card. For example visa credit or debit cards have a different length of numbers compared to a master card. A credit card BIN number is different from that of a debit card. Minimum length of the numbers on the bank cards is twelve so anything less than that will represent a different card but not one of a banking nature. So without the BIN database, then it would be really hard to identify credit and debit cards and a lot of things could go horribly wrong.


So the bin checker db can identify the following brands of bank cards;

  • Visa- It’s BIN number is the number four and its account number is either thirteen or sixteen digits long dependent on the bank in question.
  • Mastercard- its main BIN identification is 51, 55 or 36. And the account number of the mastercard can be up to sixteen digits long.
  • American express- identification numbers of the America express is either 34 or 37. Length of account number is sixteen.
  • Discover card- BIN identification numbers are 6011. 6500 or 6509 and its sixteen digits long.
  • Bank card- its BIN identification number is 561 and its account number is sixteen numbers long.

So irrespective of the card type, the bin checker db can identify any card in the shortest amount of time. There is no need to get worried about the bin checker db not being in alignment with the latest card numbers. If there are new American Express cards, then the updated form of the bin checker for American express can be able to identify these cards. Thus there is no need to worry about new cards being made available because the bin checker db takes care of that.


Importance of bin checker db is pretty important because of the following reasons;

  • The credit or debit card gets identified from its name, bank and country of origin. Visa cards for example are global and for it to be identified the country of origin should be known.
  • Identity of someone can be known from the cards bin number. Those going through the bin db get to know the persons nationality and the likes of such.
  • Some card are fake and the bin checker db has a way of sorting such cards out. This reduces fraud instances which are on a rise. A few misfits decide to make fake cards identical to those of a certain bank but with the wrong bin, then they get caught easily.
  • Another good thing about the bin checker is that it saves a lot of time. If the db was not available then the process would be lengthy. Contacting the bank in question and having to go through very many channels to get what the information about the card that is needed.
  • With the bin checker, it is easy to tell if the card has been stolen and thus the person can get apprehended for that.

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