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About This Game

A first-person puzzle game. Simply walk to the door.


  • 30 Unique levels from easy to very hard.
  • Switch camera to get a better view of the puzzle.
  • Create your own check point, anywhere.

Title: Disoriented
Genre: Indie
Release Date: 21 Nov, 2016


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A nice one, simillar to Parallax.. My Doctor diagnosed me with vertigo!!. Things that annoyed me:
1. Depending on the level of your zoom, some paths look connected when they're not, because the delimiting black line or their outline does not show.
2. For a game that still gets updated, I'm surprised I don't have more options in camera mode. I should be able to move myself while in camera mode with either wasd, or by holding down right click.
3. I don't see the point of the checkpoint, if I jump down, I get spawned at the beginning of the level, not at my checkpoint. Does it get toggled off if I press it enough times? Atm it works like 1 out of 100. Do I have to hold it down.. if so, put a note in the controls section.
4. Can't truly reset a level, not really, if the plants stay watered. Might not seem important, but taking it truly from the start, truly backtracking helps make different decisions and avoids making same mistakes.
5. Why did I fall through the floor at level 9 & 13? Annoying little bug. I get re-placed in the level and the 'hole' is gone.
OK I also fell through what was supposed to be a 'lit' part of the path... So it's not just in the beginning of a level, like others mentioned. And it's not fixed, like the News mentioned.
Fell through another path that was normally always there, in level 14, so I'm just skippin that, and have very little incentive to move on atm.
I bought this on sale, but still: I played more polished stuff than this for free.. The game feels like a cross between Antichamber and Monument Valley.

The reason I don't recommend this game is because it's boring. I played for about 10 levels and I just didn't find anything interesting in it. It wasn't really that challenging, it mostly felt like there was one path from the start to the finish and not enough puzzle.

Every few levels, a new mechanic would be introduced, but the mechanic got old really quickly, and the game became what it was before but with an extra button..
nice optical game 26min 661/666

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