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FortressCraft Evolved: Frozen Factory Expansion Activation Code And Serial Key

FortressCraft Evolved: Frozen Factory Expansion Activation Code And Serial Key

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Winter Is Here... Go deeper into the underground caverns, challenging the frozen depths as you search for new materials to advance your technology in the first expansion pack for Fortresscraft Evolved. Within the interior of this rugged and unforgiving environment you will find new ores and crystals needed to design advanced weapons, suit upgrades and energy production machines. Energy is the key to survival and ultimate victory...mastering these elements will prove essential to escaping the planet.

But who said survival would be easy? Thawing the cold caverns into a livable environment has awoken a long slumbering alien menace, the Cryoplasm spores. Now hungry to feed off the new source of heat and energy they collectively creep their way toward your base, devouring any machinery in their path. Only a new grade of flame weaponry can hold off their attack, but can you develop the technology and resources in time?

The Frozen Factory will add 100s of hours of expanded single and multiplayer gameplay to the FortressCraft universe and includes these new features:

  • Go deeper into your environment than ever before, building machines to survive -300m.
  • Create an advanced mining operation to utilize new subterranean ores and crystals.
  • All new Cryoplasm Spore menace enhances the Tower-Defense style combat.
  • Over 50 new machines and upgrades to research and develop.
  • Enhance your suit to sustain severe cold, including an all-new Mark 3 Drill Gun.
  • New ores, crystals and rocks to mine and craft dozens of new recipes from.
  • 2 new skins for your avatar, ARTHER and Spiderbot, exclusive to Frozen Factory players.
  • Build the biggest machine yet in FortressCraft - the lava-seeking MagmaBore, nearly 80,000 cubic meters in size!

Title: FortressCraft Evolved: Frozen Factory Expansion
Genre: Adventure, Casual, Indie, RPG, Simulation, Strategy
Release Date: 11 Jul, 2016


This expension is vast, long, heavy and awesome.

Changes some aspect of the game play. Exemple :

- Base game : Like in many logistic games, you try to have a nice balance of efficiency, speed and room.
- Frozen Factory : It's all about speed : you have the proper tools... but you will waste a lot of mats. You have to overlook this and build more, LARGER machines to extract more ores, faster.... design huge mazes of crazy roads to accelerate everything. Big, large, messy, with a lot of waste....... but here, what counts is the result. It's different.... but awesome once you fully embrace this idea.

But as of right now, it still needs some slight balancing and has some minor issues... and 1 or 2 larger issues here and there.
I fully trust the DEV for the heavier issues to be fixed very soon.. The long awaited Frozen Factory expansion adds everything you need to finish tier 4 equipment and adds an entirely new aspect of gameplay. While Tower Defense elements existed already the new enemy is a different beast.

An aspect many people will be questioning is, "Is this expansion really worth more than the base game?"

In my opinion, yes. The large amount of content the expansion adds is fantastic. This is coupled with the fact that I really believe that the base game is priced too cheap for what it brings. As I'm writing this review I've played the base game for over 200 hours on a $12 game. Very few, if any, games have brought me this many hours of enjoyment for so little money.. The question with a DLC is always whether it's more of the same or not. On balance I'd say about this DLC is about half the same thing as the base game and half a much different challenge than before.

FortressCraft base game is about automation if you don't want to go insane from griding but you can get by with just one line of this, one line of that. It's a very managable affair. More lines, more processing, more everything gets you to your goal faster but you don't really need it to avoid dying of boredom.

Frozen Factory on the other hand requires resource gathering on such a massive scale that you need several mines for the same resource and a lot of transportation capacity.

The really big change from the base game is the new threat. In the base game you get mobs attacking you from all sides, trying to kill your CPH (central base thingy). Now the thing about the CPH is that for about 90% of the game you're not going to care about it, it's important in the beginning (since it's an energy generator that bootstraps your energy economy) and in the very end (since the CPH dying means you need to start from scratch on achieving the final base game goal). If the CPH dies however and you're not doing something that absolutely requires it the most you notice about it is that torches go out (mildly annoying).

With cryoplasm, the new enemy, however all that changes. Cryoplasm isn't mob based but is more like those hiveminds from the base game, it engulfs your base and makes it stop working. And unlike hivemind resin cryoplasm is really hard to stop. The stuff eats through walls and makes machines stop working (and even more annoyingly blocks lift shafts). Unlike mobs you really need to fight cryoplasm all the time, if your defenses run out of energy say hello to a mess of "ice" that needs to be cleaned up. Much more than in the base game where having a plan is advisable in Frozen Factory having a plan is crucial to achieving your goals.

All that said, is this DLC worth it? Do you like the base game? Cause Frozen Factory is much the same as the base game, not perfect, sometimes a bit awkward but if you can see through full of fun and challenge.. Having had a chance to play this expansion some here is the Official review.

TL;DR Version: If you like Fortresscraft, This is more goodness and you will love this expansion.

Complete Version:
This expansion adds some specific buildings and challenges to the cold caverns layer. The main enemy is a device called cryoplasm which if you have ever played creeper world you will know what it is all about. There are many new buildings and you will find yourself enjoying and playing with most of them throughout the expansion.

There are some minor caveats you should know about.
#1 this expansion can be HARD. There are many things to build and there is not a lot of instruction. Pay that no mind as everyone on the forum is willing to help.
#2 Everything in this expansion requires a LOT of resources. You MUST use automation or this will be a super grind fest.

That said this is a great expansion and if you own fortresscraft evolved you should certainly pick it up.
(Be aware I know of some bad reviews and they are simple vendetta's against the games creator. Pay little mind, yes they exist, no I really dont agree with them). Far more grindy than the base game. Even with the "Thawed" workshop mod, this quickly becomes a grind to produce just 3 items: Liquid Resin (yes, even with a force-fed hivemind, of which it appears you can only have one), Magnetic Machine Blocks and Chromed Machine Blocks - a boringly small set of components which are needed to make just about all Tier 4 (Frozen Factory) machines. I stopped once I learned I needed 100,000 power-per-second to progress; not because getting to there would require thinking of new tactics, but because it's obvious how to get there... just incredibly boring.

In addition, your "enemy" is now a slow threat that is like fighting a glacier. In fact, it almost literally is fighting a glacier.

I'd say: stick to the base game. Look to mods if you want more, as this expansion is unbalanced and a feels quick boring compared to the base game.. Yes, yes and yes. This is the big expansion I have been waiting for. It brings many interesting new machines to the game, aswell as requiring you to rethink some strategies.

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