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About This Game

Flatshot is a Shoot'em up (Bullet-Hell, Shmup or STG) with minimalist flat aesthetics.


  • Keyboard and Gamepad support
  • Available on Linux and Windows
  • Continuous boss fights
  • Steam achievements
  • Global and friends ranking
  • Save replays of your bests runs
  • Watch global and friend's replays
  • Interactive tutorial and training
  • Minimalist flat design
  • Random generated backgrounds
  • Engaging soundtrack
  • Diverse, unique and challenging boss attack patterns
  • Deep and simple core mechanics


Game mechanics

With only 8 directional movement and a single action button we achieved a deep gameplay experience:
  • Proximity damage multiplier: The closer you get, the harder you hit.
  • Charge attack: Stop shooting to charge, shoot to unleash the an attack that cleans bullets in it's way.
  • Parry: Press the shoot button right before getting hit to parry.
  • Parry dash: After a successful parry, keep the shoot button pressed for a short invulnerability time and speed boost.
  • Damage proration: On hit, the player activates a shield that lowers the next hits damage.


We created a visually pleasing look inspired by flat principles.
  • No HUD: We replaced the traditional HUD by other indicators such as screen shakes, sound effects, color effects. Now the player will be more focused on the fast paced action.
  • Random generated backgrounds: Every time the game starts a new background will be generated. All backgrounds are carefully designed with colors and shapes that will surprise the player senses every time.

Title: Flatshot
Genre: Action, Indie
Turupawn, Ceteco, bobbyliciou5, morghan831, immac
Release Date: 22 Dec, 2017


Really fun game, the controls are simple, yet provide a lot of diversity for the game. I ran into a few hud bugs, like spamming Up and Down controls in the level select screen bugs the text in the background. Congrats to Rosalila Studio!

PS: From the levels I have played, I got highest score for all of them except for two I think. >:). its a bullet hell, i love bullet hell's. I bought it cause i love bullet hell games....
and this masterpiece is a light cheap version of touhou...
i was already sold when i saw the gameplay video but when i played it oh god.
in those 0.5h i made it to >\\ but i just love the gameplay!!!

cant wait to master it :D. Avoid.

This is garbage.

Dev can make shapes, but has no clue about control schemes or controllers.. Why is it so loud. This is generally a good game.

1. Unique and challenging bosses
2. Leaderboards that make you want to complete the game
3. Minimalistic style
4. Simpilistic boss fights. Hard, but not complicated to make you understand and study every single stage and shot that makes the game annoying.
5. A large variety of bullets that each have different powers that change the gameplay of every boss in many different ways.

1. Game frequently fails to register scores and makes you restart the game just to play one level
2. Menu is confusing for those who just bought the game
3. Bosses have too little health to add a lot more playtime.

2 suggestions that i would add is to add something like a boss rush: a sequence of bosses that each have unique firing stages. The 2nd one would be is to let the game allow you to keep playing with an unknown score. On the bottom of the screen could be a note that you have to restart your game to get your scores for each of the bosses.

TLDR: 8\/10. Minimalistic game that has engaging bosses with a fair difficulty curve that even shows it in the darker colors shown in the background.

. It's a good game for the price tag. The music is great and the game looks very good. Controls are decent and there are a few unfair difficulty spikes (luckily you don't have to play all the levels in order) but I would reccomend it for such a small price.. I've got some issues on windows, no really sure if they are my own problems related with windows or graphics card related or driver related but I know it is Linux target game and windows secondary so I don't complain at all but I'm not able for the moment to run it on linux not for a game issue but for personal issue on linux related with graphics card so consider it as a really good shooter hell game and I do recomend it and I'm as well happy with the philosophy of "free as freedom" and I encourage you to continue its development and I'd like to colaborate on developing so I'll do a chanse for it.

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