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Fancy Skiing 2: Online Crack+all Fatal Errors Fixed

Fancy Skiing 2: Online Crack All Fatal Errors Fixed

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About This Game

Here comes the widely-anticipated "FancySkiingII: Online"! In addition to the endless mode of the previous version, we've added an awesome jumping mode and a thrilling multiplayer mode to the new version.
Our players will surely have much more fun! Multiple choices of new skateboards and snowshoes will bring players with different experiences and excitments while playing.
The new version has three different modes that provide players with three different ways to play:
Endless mode: Players can enjoy sliding in a never-ending scene; game will end after colliding obstacles for multiple times;
Multiplayer mode: Players can chanllenge friends and have fierce competition with other players from all over the world;
Jumping mode: players can experience thrills and excitement by jumping from one platform to another. a09c17d780

Title: Fancy Skiing 2: Online
Genre: Casual, Racing, Simulation, Sports
Release Date: 13 Jul, 2018


  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: Win7 Win8 Win10
  • Processor: Intel Core i5
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Storage: 1 GB available space

English,Simplified Chinese

fancy skiing 2 online

Take everything good from the first one, and remove it.
Take everything bad from the first one, and 10x.

And there you have it, this game.. Well, it is sort of skiing. I tried fancy skiing 1 awhile back when it was the only skiing option. I'm a developer and our team was evaluting the state of indie games at the time. Frankly, I was pretty shocked at what was considered 'acceptable'. The graphics are poor and the movement takes its toll pretty quick. I could play it for one or two runs before feeling some nausa - despite having developed decent 'VR legs'. others may vary. This game could benefit by having some IK (player can see his\/her own body) rather than looking down and just seeing a pair of slats on the ground (not even ski models, just a png in the shape of a ski - no boots, bindings, anything). the left\/right movement is extremely un-natural when standing still - that you can slide sideways with no resistance, I would suggest allowing the turning to increase as the player moves faster. Imagine a car sitting still but when you turned the wheel it just slid sideways. steering on vehicle games engage when the vehicle moves forward. This game has none of that. Now perhaps they tried rotating the player when 'steering' and that made the vomit factor even higher, but it is an option that should exist. I never found out if there is a breaking function so it is easy to build up speed and have no choice but to collide with a rock that you don't have the turning radius to avoid. if the devs allowed the player to move forward in the direction they were facing, that would solve the rotation problem and not make people sick (I don't think). It was disappointing to see the lack of improvement in the second installment. With fancy 1, it seemed like a small team put something out there to fill a gap, as sort of an experiment, and spent little to no time on 'polish'. These days, I expect to see more quality, especially considering the beautiful assets available on the Unreal and Unity marketplaces. This game could easily get a fantastic facelift from $100 in purchased assets (rocks, trees, mountains). As it is, all manner of this game shows lack of thought or care into making something that stands out vs. merely acceptable (you guys really couldn't have made the gloves texture at least not be so low res? they're right in front of the player!! put your polys\/texture map expendature there!). VR dev can be difficult, but having decent art direction isn't expensive. Having properly translated descriptions isn't tough. having the settings inclue directions shouldn't have been neglected. having a blurry low res skybox (the mountains in the distance) is ridiculous. This game, sadly, is an example of low effort\/skill in execution while hoping to monitize in an arena with little competition. It makes me want to add a skiing title to our team's dev list because I feel there is room for this to be done decently. Maybe after our first 10 are complete we'll look into it. :). A glorious sequel!
As a fan of original Fancy Skiing I can say that the sequel fulfills my expectations.. wow! Skiing!
it's really cool!

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