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Original Title: Expendable

Genge: Short,Action,Adventure,Comedy,Crime,Thriller


















































The World's Fifth-Largest Evil Organization, A.R.A.C.H.N.I.D. is a worldwide technology and security firm, best known for a number of nearly-successful global takeovers from the 1970s through the present day. Employment positions are always available for ex-soldiers, mercenaries, and others with a weak conscience and a respect for absolute authority. Past employees have gone on to senior positions in government, counterintelligence, and international villainy. Our doors are open to anyone wishing to make a better life for themselves through dedicated service to our Prime Commander, Igor Tarantula M.D. A.R.A.C.H.N.I.D. offers competitive salaries, 401(k), and comprehensive health & dental through our in-house medical program. Positions at A.R.A.C.H.N.I.D. become available year-round with some frequency. Unless you're a spy, in which case bugger off.
They may wear jumpsuits with skull logos on them and they may carry assault rifles... but really they're just ordinary guys just like you and me... concerned about health insurance, pension plans, and making it through the workday without being shot, blown up, and/or karate-chopped by smug, oversexed Englishmen. Set in the action-packed world of super-spies, "Expendable" offers a look at this world from the perspective of the mega-villain's low-level, anonymous henchmen... the mostly decent, hard-working folk whose only job is to wait around for spies and shoot at them when they appear. "Expendable" is their story.


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