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Exactly how Acai Berries Can Improve Your Health

It has only been in modern times that the benefits associated with consuming the Acai Berry pronounced as "A-Sigh-EE" have become known around the world. Yet for many indigenous Brazilians this particular fruit has been part of their diet for many centuries. It is the antioxidant properties as well as an abundance of different nutritional values along with various different amino and essential fatty acids contained within it that helps them to remain fit and healthy. Studies have shown just how beneficial this particular fruit can be to us and below we provide you with some more facts about this fruit which is now being classed as a "Super Food".

Acai berry plus extreme label

As well as containing good levels of Omega 6 and Omega 9 this particular berry also contains large amounts of fiber, calcium supplement and vitamins. Yet in contrast to many other fresh fruits that we consume it has suprisingly low amounts of calories. Acai Plus extreme Berry Complex Reviews Many doctors have found that not only can this particular fruit help to fight leukemia, but can also help to slow down untimely ageing as well as increase a person's sexual desire. In fact in studies carried out by the University of Florida it was found that extracts with this particular berry were able to trigger a self destruct response in around 86% of all cultured leukemia cells that they tested.

Many environmental firms including Greenpeace are great stalwarts of this particular berry as it is now providing the natives of Brazil with an alternate industry to get money in to the nations around the world coffers. Rather than them the need to carry out tree clearing functions and so reduce the amount of Amazon rain forest even further. In fact this particular fruit is now being able to provide earnings to those people who stay in a much poorer part of Brazil. Yet not only does it provide them with an income and it is helping to prevent further harm being made to the Amazon . com Rainforest the cultivation with this particular berry has also meant that much less land is now the need to be cleared for cattle. So with so many beneficial effects on the environment today the Acai Palm tree is is associated by Brazilians as the "Tree of Life".

Today in america alone sales of The acai fruit juice have now reached over $5 million each year although it only first went on sale there around 5 in years past. But even so there are still many hurdles for those marketing the product in this country to overcome. As a lot of folks have not actually heard of the fruit and very few actually learn how to pronounce its name correctly. But despite this once people have tried this particular berry will soon want more because of its distinctive taste.

A mere one hundred grams or 3. 5 ounces of the berry when it comes in freeze out dried powder form contains all of the subsequent amounts of nutrients which are essential for our bodies to keep fit and healthy. 8. 1g of Protein, 44. 2g of Fiber 260mg of Calcium and 4. 4mg of Iron. It contains enough Vitamin A equivalent to 1002 IU, contains 19 different Amino Acids including Aspartic Acid and Glutamic Acidity. Contains 319 mg of Anthocyanin including Cyandin 3-Glucoside and Cyandin 3-Rutinoside.

In addition because it has high levels of calcium contained within it the Acai berry berry is beneficial to a person's cardiovascular system. Within research carried out it was shown that those people who high blood pressure would often not have to get consuming sufficient amounts of calcium in their diet. However as soon as their calcium intake was increased so their bloodstream pressure levels begun to drop. Also in other research performed it is believed that by consuming sufficient amounts of calcium will help to reduce LDL cholesterol levels. This in turn lowers the chances of a person actually struggling from a stroke.

It's the antioxidants that are included within this berry which help to fight and control free radicals in the body. If a person has too many free radicals in their body it can cause oxidation to occur that may then cause damage to cell membranes. Not only can this lead to a person struggling with many different ailments but can also speed up the ageing process.

Today in Brazil the pulp of acai which is extremely nutritious is not only consumed by the much poorer people of the country especially those positioned in the Amazon Pot but it is has become extremely popular with all degrees of society and with Brazilians of all ages. In fact in Brazil it is now given to women after childbirth to help in the recovery process as well as providing them with a good source of energy. In reality nowadays around 200, 000 liters of the Acai berry juice is being drunk by the 1. 3 million people who stay in Belem where it is produced.

Most of the powder extract of this particular fruit will be contained in supplements such as MonaVie and is particularly perfect for those people who are looking to lower their blood cholesterol levels as well as increase the health of their cardiovascular system. Inside fact this berry is considered to contain some of the highest levels of nutrients to be found in any fruits today. As well as being found in powdered form the berry is also added to energy drinks, goodies as well as energy bars that also contain granola. Thus if you are buying a way to increase your overall health levels then it might be worth your while considering using this product later on.

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