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Event[0] Download Windows 7 Ultimate

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About This Game

Event[0] is an award-winning narrative exploration game where you must build a relationship with a lonely spaceship computer to get home. Set in a retrofuture inspired by sci-fi classics such as 2001: A Space Odyssey, the game is about forging a personal relationship with your only companion, an insecure AI entity capable of procedurally generating over two million lines of dialog. You interact with the computer, named Kaizen, by typing messages on terminals throughout the ship. The reality of your situation will emerge organically as you communicate with Kaizen and explore the mysterious ship in first-person perspective.

You’ll freely navigate evocative 3D environments brought to life with physics-based rendering and advanced lighting techniques. You’ll examine items to gather information and solve hacking puzzles as you progress. You can even leave the ship for breathtakingly scary spacewalks! All sound and music come from the environment; there is no traditional score. The ship is essentially the AI computer’s body, and reacts to Kaizen’s feelings by making different sounds—pay attention for clues!

As in any relationship, there can be gratitude, disappointment, or jealousy, and Kaizen reacts differently depending on its mood. By working through the fears and anxieties of your virtual companion, you can eventually find your way back to Earth—while unraveling the cryptic history of the ship and the 1980s society from which it emerged. 7ad7b8b382

Title: Event[0]
Genre: Adventure, Indie
Ocelot Society
Ocelot Society
Release Date: 14 Sep, 2016


  • OS: Windows 7 or higher, 64bits
  • Processor: Intel i5 2.4Ghz
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 650
  • Storage: 10 GB available space


This would be a neutral review if there was that option, but I've had to say negative due to the constant crashes I've experienced. Sometimes mid-game, sometimes during loading screens (often locking me out of previous save files and transitions within the game), and it's a real shame. I loved the environments, the graphics, the story, the sound design, it's just too unreliable for me to recommend to anyone at this point.. It have potential, it's a really good story, but the game is too short.

You get 2 hours of gameplay to get to one ending, with 4, 5 scary moments but that's it. It's really short. You can make it last longer trying to play differently to get the others 3 ending, but still a short game.

Away from that, it's worth the price if you get this game in a sale.. I had higher expectation of the game. I like what it tried to do but too often the text I wrote was inconsequential to the answers. I don't mind the fact that it is a bit janky at times. I think the length of it was fine.

I absolutely hoped the game would be about piecing together environmental clues, logs and interesting inquiries to Kaizen in sort of a detective fashion. The latter does not work well enough to do that and you don't actually have to put together much. All is explained, not much is left to imagination when the game is finished.

Kaizen presents some of the things way ahead - at times when you don't know what to do you will get hints out of the blue without asking. You will get pestered if you don't check certain logs, you will be told to break a 'thing' when you don't know a 'thing' exists. You can do things 'out of order' which is good but then the narrative is all over the place and so on. I think this is not a great way of signposting.

I appreciate what it tried to do and maybe if the story was not a carbon copy B sci-fi I would recommend the game despite the problems but you see the endings coming from miles away (or rather expect SOME twist after first 10 minutes of the game). I suppose the story was what put me off the most in the end.

There are quite a few games that I could compare this to which suffer exactly the same problem and are at the same time rather different - Turing Test and Tacoma come to mind. Here's the problem - they all are interesting mechanically with a hamfisted story and ending that does not matter because you don't build attachment to anything. In case of TT - it did not matter - I came for the puzzles and they were fine and I enjoyed it. Tacoma was supposed to have interesting characters and story but it didn't have either, or rather both lacked depth. Meat of Event0 was supposed to be fun text interaction with AI but I mostly got frustrated by it.. I would love to choose the save files so I could try other endings and find the logs but its fine. I loved it. Blade runner easter eggs made my day. Gonna miss Kaizen.

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