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E3 2019: Madden NFL 20 Details New Features

E3 2019: Madden NFL 20 Details New Features

At EA Sports E3 press conferrence, EA Sports revealed new features coming to buy mut coins: Superstar X-Factor abilities, run-pass-options (RPOs), and a closed beta coming June 14 to June 16.
First it was revealed that The Pro Bowl is coming back before jumping in to such modes as Face of the Franchise: QB1. Face of the Franchise is the new career campaign for Madden 20. It allows fans to create a college quarterback and play through the College Football National Championship playoff, the NFL Combine, the NFL Draft, and then a career as a starting QB in the NFL. Scenarios will generate quest-like content, allowing players to improve their new QB's ratings and abilities. Kansas City Chiefs quarterback and reigning NFL MVP Patrick Mahomes is the cover athlete.

Superstar X-Factor

Arguably, the biggest change is in the Superstar X-Factor feature. This acts as a special hero-like perk for star players, help the stars stand out and make them the best players in the NFL. For example, running back Alvin Kamara has "Satellite" which makes him even more effective as a receiver out of the backfield with improved run-after-catch ability. JuJu Smith Schuster has the "Double Me" X-Factor which demands additional attention from the defense.Madden 20 will have 50 Superstar X-Factor players and over 30 Superstar players.

These are always on/available--designed to extend specific specialties of big-name players. Cover star Pat Mahomes has "Bazooka," which is exclusive to him.Click Here

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