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Disney Princess and Me Dolls - The Perfect Christmas Toy for Girls?

Introduced by JAKKS Pacific in partnership with Disney Consumer Products, the newest Disney Princess & Me lifestyle label of greater sized dolls has been inspired by favorite Disney Princess characters. Toys merchants are in fact betting Disney Princess & Me Dolls to become one of the best selling toys for the Christmas 2010 shopping season, and ToysRUs currently showcases these dolls inside their Fantastic 15 Christmas toys list.

Girls can make the tiny princess with whom they're most associated with, by choosing from Tiana, Cinderella, Belle, Aurora or Ariel. Each of these Disney Princess and Me 18 inch friend dolls features beautiful faces as well as spectacular lengthy sleek hair, they're stunning to see and also plenty of fun to invest time with. Young girls can certainly immerse in a lot of tea functions and princess role play. Or perhaps they could acquire many of these toys to create a Disney Princess & Me Dolls collection as well.

Possibly the absolute most widely known doll in the collection is Disney Princess and Me 18 inch Doll Ariel. This adventurous and strong little mermaid Ariel loves to learn about various places and find secret treasures. Yet on top of that, she likes having a pal such as for instance your young girl.

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Whether you're away discovering new places with one another, singing to your chosen melodies or even talking about secrets during slumber parties, Ariel will always make you chuckle, due to the fact it truly is what good friends do.

A part of small girls'imagination is that they might develop into a little princess. And with the Disney Princess & Me Dolls dress up selection, young girls can simply don complementing ball gowns in the exact same design as what their own dolls are wearing, the same as what real buddies normally do. And then they may sit back and drink tea with each other.

The Princess & Me doll fashions offer the Royal Sleepwear Ensemble that's a nightgown, robe along with slip-ons in each of Ariel, Tiana, Aurora, Belle, Cinderella's signature styles. This really is perfect for sleep-over events.

To setup the scene for a sleep-over, Princess & Me doll add-ons provide Royal Wardrobe to help keep all doll clothing, along with the Princess Canopy Bed, a nice doll-size canopy bed suitable solely for a princess.

The Princess & Me Ballet Recital collection features a tutu dress, lace up ballet slippers and also a girls'headband.

Princess & Me Royal Vanity Set collection is comprised of perfume atomizer, tray, brush, comb and hand mirror.

The Royal Tea Time For Two Set includes a tiered cake platter along with a full tea set for 2, with a sugar bowl, spoons, napkins, a tea pot, two cups and saucers, creamer and also a plate of pretend petit fours.

The Princess & Me Belle Deluxe Holiday Gown & Cape for the 18 inch Doll with velvet and fur trim additionally emerges with complimenting cape and gown for little girls.

The Disney Princess and Me Dolls idea has been created to make the top royal Princess experience. They interest somewhat older Princess lovers, aged between 5 and 8. Ballet and slumber wear for the dolls, together with mirroring child-size ball dresses, can be purchased independently.

The more stylish look and feel of the Disney Princess & Me Dolls line requires your young girls in the enchanting princess world and also allow them to produce with their beloved doll princesses.

If you have a very important factor that little girl must have, it needs to be Disney Princess and Me dolls. You won't fail buying these lovely princesses for the young girl in your life.

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