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Difference between home tuition and coaching centres

Coaching industry is one of the biggest money earning industries in India with some of the biggest names like Resonance, Allen, Akash and lot more. It is one of the most significant revolutions in the teaching job and has changed the lot about education. But one another type of teaching method that is common nowadays is home tuitions. Many people are Looking For Home Tuitions in Pune at genextstudents or any other suitable website. There are the many basic differences between home tuitions and coaching centres, and some of them are listed below:

  1. Place of learning: One of the significant difference is that the student has to go and study in a classroom of the coaching centre with a class strength of an average of 50 students, but in home tuitions, he has the privilege of studying alone in his/her own room where the comfort level is high.


  1. Subjects offered: Coaching centres hire a large number of the teacher each of them specialised in different subjects, so they cover all the subjects in the student's curriculum while tuition teacher provides only 1 or 2 subjects that they are individually mastered in. Whenever parents set up an inquiry for home tuitions in Pune at genextstudents or other websites the first thing they determine is the subject their child needs more care and select the tutor who is specialized in that field.


  1. Interpersonal relationship: The student teacher has a different relationship and needs to develop some interpersonal relationship in order to be more comfortable with each other. This relationship is not possible in coaching centres as coaching teachers address a large number of students and it is not possible to interact personally with each student but home tutors personally address each student and can easily learn more about the student's need and can adapt accordingly.


  1. Confidence enhancement: In-home tuitions, the students learn in their own house and are protected in their own comfort level. They can never enhance the confidence level while being in their comfort zone. While in coaching centers they are learning with a large number of students and they have to speak up in the crowd in order to understand everything and to solve their queries. This enhances their confidence which is very helpful for their life ahead.


Therefore, coaching and home tuitions are the new ways of teaching and enhancing the child's growth. They both have their pros and cons and one has to weigh them according to his/her own situation and can opt for the best suitable option for him.

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