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About This Game

The era of bland, uneventful sims is over. Derail Valley is a train simulator focused on immersion, career gameplay and player freedom. Operate controls with your own hands, go anywhere, choose jobs and deliver a variety of cargo between industries in a vast open world!

Shunt or haul dozens of cargo types modeled after a realistic industry chain, spread across 256 km². Use the hard earned money to unlock licenses, refuel and service locomotives, or even buy new ones! Beware, trains can derail spectacularly if driven recklessly.

Derail Valley is developed by a small team, with full VR and nonVR support and represents a major upgrade to the award-winning 2016 prototype. 1075eedd30

Title: Derail Valley
Genre: Indie, Simulation, Early Access
Release Date: 25 Jan, 2019


  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: Windows 64-bit
  • Processor: Intel i5-7500 or equivalent, SSE4 support
  • Memory: 12 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Nvidia GTX 760 (VR: GTX 1070)
  • Storage: 12 GB available space
  • Additional Notes: Best experienced in VR (Vive, Rift, WMR)


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I honestly doubt there's a better locomotive simulation out there. This is exactly what I wished for when I was a kid, although nothing of the sort existed at the time. It could use a bit more content, but it's still early access, so that's expected (the roadmap is a nice touch). Non-VR mode works great as well. It was worth the full price for me. Go ahead and give the devs your support. I can't wait to see the finished product.. This game is 100% unplayable in VR mode. There might be a way to get into a locomotive and drive it, but I'll never know because I'm unwilling to drill a hole in my floor. The cute little gimmicky controls menu is allegedly sitting on a coffee table in the game, which is actually 4 feet below your sublfoor irl. Dont bother trying to pick stuff up if you drop it, and forget about the lost and found. It was a nice idea, but the devs just didn't bother actually making it work. I know this is early access, but in the year 2019, what game isn't? If this game becomes playable one day, I'll eat my words if I haven't forgotten about it.. I work on the railroad and still come home and play this game. This game is amazing and the devs are doing a great job creating this world. I play this with keyboard and mouse. The devs are always working and bringing out patches. A lot of things could be added like showing the grades of the terrain on the map and having a positive and negative speed rate per minute guage in the engines. Can't wait to see the finished product when it happens.. I was going to write a gigantic review, like I normally do, but I'll keep it short for this one.

  • If you like active Developers who update the game and fix issues, these guys get things DONE.
  • If you like trains, train simulators, and the like... you should probably own this game anyway. IT HAS VR.
  • Simple controls, straight-forward tutorial.
  • Available in BOTH VR, and NON-VR (Normal Desktop\/Laptops without a VR headset).

    Buy it. Play it for an hour. If you don't like it, remember... Steam accepts refunds on games with less than 2 hours of gameplay, and less than 14 days from purchase.<\/b><\/li><\/ul>. I was going to write a gigantic review, like I normally do, but I'll keep it short for this one.

    • If you like active Developers who update the game and fix issues, these guys get things DONE.
    • If you like trains, train simulators, and the like... you should probably own this game anyway. IT HAS VR.
    • Simple controls, straight-forward tutorial.
    • Available in BOTH VR, and NON-VR (Normal Desktop\/Laptops without a VR headset).

      Buy it. Play it for an hour. If you don't like it, remember... Steam accepts refunds on games with less than 2 hours of gameplay, and less than 14 days from purchase.<\/b><\/li><\/ul>. I love trains, Have many hours in Train Simulator, Run8 and Train Sim World, so this game\/sim had alot to live up to. It didn't disappoint. Nice graphics, excellent physics. fun gameplay.
      I like how the jobs, progression and money making system works.
      Spectacular derailments if you over do it, something you don't see in other train sims.
      Love the Steam Engine whistle too, best whistle in any game I have heard. Spent about 10 minutes just blowing the whistle before I even moved.
      Cant wait to see some more rolling stock, some meatier locomotives and multiple unit support. Very cool for an early access game, a few small bugs here and there but well worth the money.
      Will be interesting to see where this game\/sim goes.
      Looking forward to blowing the whistle and making another pile of wagons in a valley.

      New Version 18.05.16:

      Hello, we’ve just uploaded a new version of the game, 18.05.16 to itch and Steam. Unfortunately, this version is not compatible with older saves.

      Changes:. New version 18.09.03:

      Hello, we’ve just pushed a new version to Steam and itch, 18.09.03. This version is **not compatible** with previous saves.

      We’re just two months away now from leaving Early Access, so you may not hear from us for a while as we batten down the hatches and work hard on tying up loose ends and fixing various bugs before release.

      We’ve added two major feature sets: magic redesign and steamworks mod support.
      Magic Redesign. Unstable Branch Updated:
      Both unstable branches have been updated. if you are on Linux or Mac, don't use the WindowsFNA branch. You'll just get the stable version if you do.

      Some of the changes in this version:
      • Fixed a bunch of bugs.
      • Rebalanced dwarf pay and levels. Now, it takes far more experience to level up, so dwarves won't demand promotions quite as soon. Also, implemented across the board paycuts. That's what they deserve for trying to unionize.
      • Tweaked the attacks of some hostile creatures.
      • A slime draws near!

        Okay. A lot of slimes draw near. Slimes will spawn in every biome. Aren't they adorable?
      • Treasuries have been robbed. You won't be needing them anymore.
      • Added new bugs to fix later.

      The current plan is for the next stable release in July, however we are leaning towards delaying that because it will absolutely break all save games. Until then, and whatever decision we make, the unstable branches remain available.. New Version 18.08.19:

      We just pushed a new version to Steam and This version is compatible with the previous version’s saves. There is one new feature in this build: having chats with your employees! There are also a couple of bugfixes. Also, we are working on new features right now in the background which have not yet made it into the release, but we expect them to be done soon.

      Stuff We’re Working On. 17.12.23 -- The Jolly Forest:
      Hi everybody and happy holidays! We just pushed an update to Steam and with more bugfixes and new Christmas-themed assets.
      The Jolly Forest. New version 18.07.08:

      Hi everybody. In the month of June we were working on clarifying and improving the design of DwarfCorp before we leave Early Access in October of this year.

      We’ve been deciding which features to expand (for example, trading, dwarf interaction and crafting), which to redo or balance (magic, combat and mining), and which to cut altogether (TBD). Some of the design changes we have already implemented for this next version, 18.07.08. Others we will be rolling in during the coming months.
      Almost Everything Is Tradeable. Patch to 17.12.04:" crossorigin="anonymous">

      We just pushed a patch to Steam and which fixes some of the issues encountered with our last build, 17.12.02. Here are a list of changes:

      • Fix some logical errors with decal placement and add decal placement to cheat menu.
      • Correctly set working directory of program. This was causing crashes on startup for about 20 players.
      • Fix beds floating in the air.
      • Fix file streams not being closed when saving binary data. This was causing crashes for a small number of users.
      • Fix crash caused by exiting game while an error message was being printed to the log.
      • Fix two rare crashes in crafting mode.
      • Fix rare crash in snow melting logic.
      • Cleanup more memory when a game is loaded.
      • Reduce memory usage of meshes.
      • Fix crash in part of the Ordu quest.
      • Fix Dwarves standing around starving while holding food. This was caused by logic that prevented dwarves from eating food that had been marked for restocking.
      • Fix dwarves putting some resources into graveyards, or using corpses from graveyards as food/crafting material.
      • Fix GUI issue with missing “Promote” button.
      • Add more error handling to SpriteBatch to prevent the “Purple Screen of Death” bug.
      • Ensure ores do not spawn in grass/dirt unless their type specifically allows that.
      • Mix some audio. 3D sounds are louder, some 2D sounds (especially trader speech) are quieter.
      . Version 1.1.2 Released:
      Alpha Version 1.1.2 Released! In this version, we focused on making rooms and crafting work! Here are the details:

      * Dwarves now have "happiness" Several things can make them happy or unhappy. Unhappy dwarves refuse to work.
      * Added craftsdwarves and wizards!
      * Dwarves now go and sit in the common room and talk/eat
      * Craftsdwarves can build bear traps and lamps in the workshop
      * Dwarves can now create mushroom farms and wheat farms
      * Dwarves can farm in mushroom/wheat farms to create edible plants there.
      * Wizards can't do anything yet. Some classes lack swimming/sleeping animations.
      * Mushrooms/wheat now grow wildly and can be harvested
      * When all dwarves are asleep, the game skips to daytime
      * Dwarves are better at sensing and responding to threats
      * Many room building enhancements and bug fixes
      * There is now a minimum size for rooms
      * Rooms can no longer intersect
      * Rooms can be destroyed by right clicking when the build tool is enabled
      * Rooms have a minimum size now
      * Rooms can no longer be built when resources are not available
      * Some rooms can only be built belowground (mushroom farms, common rooms, bedrooms etc.). Others can only be built aboveground.
      * Only crafstdwarves can build rooms, walls, and items now
      * Simple debug worlds have been added in addition to the flat world (cliffs, hills, and ocean world).
      * Dwarves can attack and kill deer and birds now. They do not drop anything yet.
      * When buying and selling items, there is now a small shipping cost per good bought/sold. This prevents mass buying of cheap items like dirt or stone.
      * New build GUI
      * New fonts
      * Options screen accessible from the main game now
      * Fixed some GUI bugs (particularly with scroll wheel)
      * Some GUI elements can now be resized/moved
      * Got rid of the up/down slider, replaced with tasteful buttons
      * Tips are now shown on the loading menu
      * The Customization menu has been removed for now because our asset management system has changed.
      * The player can no longer set the chunk size or world size
      * Dwarves can no longer fall off the edge of the world
      * Fixed several game-breaking crash bugs
      * Dwarves can no longer mine bedrock
      * Dwarves can no longer mine rooms
      * Guarding actually works now (kind of)
      * Guarding is interrupted by fighting, sleeping, or hunger
      * Dwarves sleeping is now entirely controlled by the time of day.
      * Monsters spawn more consistently (every four hours, instead of randomly)
      * Number of random names/nouns/adjectives/adverbs drastically increased
      * There are now female dwarves. They look the same as male dwarves.
      * Names are randomly drawn from the 2010 US census. We think this is hilarious, so we're keeping it.
      * The game currency is no longer US dollars, but Dwarfbux
      * The player starts the game with 300 Dwarfbux now
      * The player starts the game with one craftsdwarf and one axedwarf now
      * Balloon port initialization improved.

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