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About This Game

“Dead By Murder”, is a murder mystery strategy game, where the user plays as a police detective and must solve a series of homicide cases.
The game has the look and feel of a black and white comic book. It is set in Los Angeles in 1945 and all the characters have the faces of Golden Age Hollywood stars.

- Easy and fast paced gameplay.
- Unique game mechanics.
- Many original cases to solve.
- New cases can be added at anytime.
- A tribute to the old Hollywood gangster movies. b4d347fde0

Title: Dead By Murder
Genre: Adventure, Indie, Strategy
b movie games
Strategy First
Release Date: 3 Oct, 2017


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I really enjoy this game. It is very clever and simple to play.. Dead by resolution. The game uses images with fixed sizes for everything and i supposed to click on invisible buttons placed to the correct coordinates. But buttons placed relative to the screen size, so they are off placed. I tried the supported 1388x768 resolution and the modified 'set' file, both adviced by the developer in the general discussions. Both does nothing so i requested a refund.

Edit: meanwhile i figured out my windows font size was set to 125% and for some reason this caused the problem, so i canceled the refund.. dea is really good but i think they should work on balance more it is really hard to solve the case.Not enough connection between clues and yu havent got enough time.On the other hand yu can make your own story with editor and yu can let your friends for trying to solve it.For such a decent price it is really good game. Fun mini mysteries, with great noir styling.. horrible game, based so much on luck, and can't even get past the first real case. boring as hell, don't recommend.. Fun mini mysteries, with great noir styling.. This is a murder mystery game with black and white graphics.

Problematically, the game does not display if you have a 4K monitor. Setting the DPI settings fixes the overscan problem, but the game doesn't render correctly with those switched on. Presumably I would have to go find an old 1080p monitor if I wanted to play this game. Developers who expect you to go plug in antiquated hardware just to play their games don't deserve recommendations.. Great Game at a great price!
For the moment it supports English, Spanish and Greek languages! Many cases to play with, innovative game (haven't seen anything close to that) and it has a great potential for more features and cases!

PS. And super-friendly developer too! 5*. A poor man's version of "LA Noire"

While most cases are interesting, the large number of investigative options and the limited "time" make it difficult to solve cases through logical deduction. Instead you have to rely on lucky guesses, and hope that these will point you in the right direction.. A lot of the negative reviews claim that Dead By Murder is merely a luck based strategy murder solving game where one has no actual control over how events turn out. It is also mentioned by several people that there is not enough time to solve cases. Hmmm… Well, after playing for a while and getting used to how this game truly works, I would like to point out that maybe this game isn’t meant for everyone in the context that in order to have any sort of actual control over the game itself, one would have to actually understand how an actual investigation process works. In real life there is a very specific process in which an investigation must be done in order to get the fastest results. The design of the game itself is actually created to follow proper procedures in order to meet the deadlines. If one is completely unaware of how an actual investigation is conducted, then yes Dead By Murder would appear at first glance to be nothing more than a luck based game with not enough time to solve cases. For those who understand proper investigatory skills and procedures will truly enjoy this game for the price. Catch it on sale and it’s even more of a win win situation with purchasing Dead By Murder! It’s relaxing enough to chill out to, but deadlines somehow keep you on your toes enough to keep things interesting. Great game for what it costs, and keeps you thinking and thinking as the plots go on…

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