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Cured case of Dysphasia in Baby Ana

Name: Ana
Age: 5yr
Sex: F
Occ: KG
Add: Belgrade

Chief c/o:

Does not communicate well. Says yes and no.

Aggressive at home with her sister.

Does not talk to all people.

No physical complaints.

Parents are divorced for 3 yr.

Not as sensitive as her sister.

As if has no emotions: just takes care of her self.

Personal h/o:
Thermals: hot
Thirst: drinks a lot, abnormal: mom says.
App: N
Desires: soups, pasta, salads.
Urine: N
Stool: N
Sleep: N

Introverted, shows no emotions.
a/f: divorce.
Extreme Grief.

Remedy: Natrum mur 1M I dose.

18th Sept 2009

Still very introverted.
Started showing emotions, anger against sister.

22nd Jan 2010

Communication better.
A little nervous and obstinate.
Talks much more than earlier.

4th May 2010
Talking better than before.
Significantly better.
Now easily mixes with people.

Conclusion: Today Ana lives an absolutely normal life without any problems with speech or communication and has made hundreds of friends with whom she debates!

Entry points:
Extreme Introversion
Thermals HOT

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