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Original Title: Crossings

Genge: Action,Adventure,Drama,History,Romance,War





































Bjorn's fleet sails onward and launches a surprise attack. Back in Kattegat, Lagertha continues in her quest for power.
Lagherta builds defenses to protect Kattegat while Raagnar's sons plot a scheme to kill her. In Wessex, Aethelwulf discusses with his father the consequences of Ragnar's death and releasing Ivar. Meanwhile Bjorn and his fleet reach Spain and together with Rollo, Floki, Harald and Halfdan, they raid a muslin town. Floki is intrigued with a mosque and orders the Vikings to spare the men that are praying inside the temple. They capture the women as slaves and Helga brings a teenager with her. In Kattegat, Ragnar's sons are informed by a creepy cloaked man about the death of their father.
In 245 AH / 859 AD, the Vikings came out in eighty-eight boats, led by Bjørn Ironside, the eldest son of their king Ragnar Lothbrook. They sailed around the Andalusian island, and their boats continued to reach the estuary of the Seville River and beyond.

But this time was the Islamic fleet ordered by the construction of Abdul Rahman II, the former Prince of Andalusia has been completed and the Viking ships approached but the Islamic fleet, which was guarding all the Andalusian beaches, burned two of their boats with Greek fire, which Muslims discovered secretly.

Despite the readiness of the Islamic Army under the leadership of Issa ibn Abi Obeida on the Andalusian coast, the Vikings seem to have learned the lesson from their previous invasion. They avoided meeting the Muslims in any ground battle. The Vikings fled with their other ships, fleeing towards the wide ocean, heading east on the Strait of Gibraltar and the Green Island Where they attacked the town and burned its mosque but quickly withdrew thanks to the resistance of its people to them. Freedom is achieved in the minds, and is being achieved through reality. So, we won't pose in any fascistic manner.

Therefore, we would not begin to criticize how our values were dropped headlong, by stating Judith's romantic relationship with his father-in-law, that is King Ecbert, or the Lagertha's romantic relationship with a woman, that is Astrid.

Some would argue with a vengeance that no one could stand in front of sexual / romantic freedom, or all could. But that is not of our point of view.

We hold no such bars against any kind of "freedom."

Nevertheless, some would recognize this as a wave, just like that of nationalism which hit us rather powerfully, that will continue with its aftershocks, namely; encest...

Of course, it seems less than possible now. But via shows and series, people get infected by ideas. Or we could claim that if there is a wall, it should be climbed over. But who is to say this?.. or who is to not say this?..

Lagertha should invite anyone she wants to her bed, and then her son should invite that same person to his. Because they want, because they can, because no one can have the authority to say no to this, or yes, for that matter.

So, who is the authority again?.. Us, who cannot say no to anything anyone wants?.. or... maybe a turtle?

To me, it is Allah.

To you, whatever you say it is... (yourself, your nafs / id, your ideas, your idols, your traditions, your Gods.)

So, to me, in this episode is plain bohemian. And bohemian means you can do anything to fill the blanks in the episode without any trace of art. Because art is to be compelling and challenging.

Indeed, there is nothing artful about Bjorn setting eyes on Astrid and driving the latter to the bed. He does, because he can.

In. My. Opinion.

Here is a Verse, from my culture, involving this matter:

"Forbidden unto you are your mothers, and your daughters, and your sisters, and your father's sisters, and your mother's sisters, and your brother's daughters and your sister's daughters, and your (milk) mothers who nursed you, and your sisters through nursing, and your mothers-in-law, and your step-daughters who are under your protection (born) of your wives unto whom ye have gone in - but if ye have not gone in unto them, then it is no sin for you (to marry their daughters) - and the wives of your sons who (spring) from your own loins. And (it is forbidden unto you) that ye should take (in marriage) two sisters together, except what hath already happened (of that nature) in the past. Lo! Allah is ever Forgiving, Merciful."

The 23rd Verse of 4th Chapter called The Women, in the Gracious Koran.

(P.S.: The situation involving Bjorn and Astrid is of the 17th episode. It fits here.)

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