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Crazy Forest Activation Code [PC]

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About This Game

Crazy Forest - this is a game in which the action takes place in the wild forest. Blast and shoot insane horde of animals! Your only task is to survive and liberate their world from coming down from the crazy animals!

- Cheerful and dynamic arcade game about chickens

- Chicken with minigun!

- Spread the crowds of crazed animals to pieces! b4d347fde0

Title: Crazy Forest
Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie
Release Date: 6 Jul, 2016


Would be better as a mobile game though. Fun for 30 seconds
. Wow, this game is incredibly boring.

There was once a free game called Box Head, and I remember that being a genuinely good game.

That was somewhate 10 years ago.

In 2017 you can pay £4 for a game which rips off the boxhead IP, and yet doesn't rip off any of its good features.

For whatever reason they decided this game needs a limited field of view. The controls aweful and the game play is just repetitive.

There is no sense of challenge or accomplishment. Just click and shoot and go backwards!. Crazy chicken in crazy forest

The game tells the story of a chicken, which protects the from his wood crazy animals (as I only found 2 species. Some of rabid chickens and slugs \ snails)
We have the choice of weapons (machine gun, shotgun, which should be opened for points and points falling from killed animals)
Also there is one skin, which is cheaper weapons!

A dynamic game, all you need to do quickly and react differently chickens "will peck"
Music is suitable for this game is 100%
+ cards

Play fun and exciting. Not for nothing bought!. STEAM GREENLIGHT LUL. Most of the positive reviews for this game are fake, either people making joke reviews or made by the devs their other accounts\/friends.

DONT BUY THIS.. It's a fun little game to play, i would suggest it, so that when you have those 20 minutes of waiting, you can just open this up and enjoy

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