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Campfire: One Of Us Is The Killer Activation Code Keygen

Campfire: One Of Us Is The Killer Activation Code Keygen

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About This Game

What is it?

Campfire is a multiplayer lie and deceit game. You got to bluff, accuse and persuade others via voice chat.

Cool, what else?

It is similar to a "Mafia Party Game", with a different scenario: You are out camping with strangers.

You have to survive in the woods together. But not everyone is what they seem. There is a Killer among you and, one by one, he will try to kill everyone and sabotage the camp. Are you a capable to find the killer, before everyone is dead or run out of resources?

You all are in the camp, but you need food, water and fire to stay alive. It is a harsh weather, but working together you can strive. While in the camp, use the voice chat to coordinate the group. Every camping round, you all can vote to execute a suspected Killer or get back to gathering. Careful not to execute innocents, it will be one less for the killer take care of. When gathering resources, you are all by yourself… or arent you?

What to do?

If you are a Camper, gather resources and take care of each other. Discuss and Vote to execute a Killer suspect.

If you are a Killer, attend the call. Stalk the others, and kill them. But be careful, someone may be watching you.

If you are a Protector, choose a person to protect for the round. You can make sure someone will be safe this turn. But will you use it to help others, or to grant your own selfish survival?

How to play?

The game is based on communication and logic. Speak with others and observe their intentions via their vocal expression. If the killer kills everyone, he wins. Else, the Campers are the winners. If the camp run out of resources, everyone loses. 7ad7b8b382

Title: Campfire: One of Us Is the Killer
Genre: Casual, Indie
Abstractive Works
Abstractive Works
Release Date: 7 Dec, 2016


campfire one of us is the killer

Refund button works well. what the hell axe !!. i need a friends to play with.. Just. Dont. buy. It.

Nobody plays it lmao. *legit no one*. Only good thing is the Refund button \ud83d\ude2d. Just installed, Game doesnt want to find any servers AT ALL, has a LAN button that you press and it somehow creates an extra LAN button above it, no "internet" server browser option AT ALL... smh, Game concept looked good, but how do you expect people to play with matchmaking bugs. Hope this is fixed soon, Disapointed but what was I expecting from a 3 dollar game.

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