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C-Wars Activation Code And Serial Key

C-Wars Activation Code And Serial Key

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About This Game

C-Wars is pixel action horror game with strategy, rogue-like flavor, and a 16-bit graphics which is retro enough to bring you back to 90's.

Start your story with different heroes from different factions. Unveil dark stories behind the infectious outbreak that turns people into mutated monsters.

Each playthrough has a main storyline and randomly generated missions. You'll need to fight off enemies, loot gears, supplies and manage soldiers to get a better chance of survival.

Combat will be tough and unforgiving. But you'll have many chances to better yourself. Getting beaten in battle won't instantly kill you. Instead, it increases the crisis value. The more time you spend on failure and wander around the closer you are to face the end.


Title: C-Wars
Genre: Action, Indie, RPG, Strategy, Early Access
Onipunks Studio Inc.
Onipunks Studio Inc.
Release Date: 13 Aug, 2015

English,Simplified Chinese

Its a good small game at the mo ! but thay are updating every day if not everyother day :) and it has some awsome pixel graphics i recommend it while its cheaps !. I am really torn about this game? And here are the reasons why... I saw it about half a year ago. It was supposed to be a downloadable release on xbox 1 maybe 360... anyway, the sprites and enemies were the same however the background has drastically been changed from a lucius HD platform to a pixelated pile of dog doo doo. I understand that this is a early access game or whatever but I purchased it on sale for half price and it still isnt worth any money. Its an unfinished demo, not even, a taste of what the game might be like if it ever comes full circle. Which it prob. wont. Dont miss understand, I really like where the game is going, and I hope it gets finished, but I cant help but feel that some of these smaller game developers are slowly watching their dream slip between their fingers so they throw whatever they can at the community to scrounge whatever money they can out of the "burnt-out" project their shoveling on real fans. Games like Mighty No. 9, CHASM, games I want more then anything to be realized, to become lies and trickery. This game has been around way to long to not be finished by now. God, I hope these ICs prove me wrong, but I'm not gonna hold my breath and you my friend shouldnt waste your money.. Fun game. Pain in the\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665 but you have to play smart, time your attacks right, and ration your weapons properly. You find companions and start with a few throw-away bots.

I suggest one playthrough with the tutorial before trying out impossible missions. You'll get hella frustrated otherwise.

Also don't keep playing missions that are killing you. The more times you attempt the less time\/more critical the situation with the mutants gets. (100 percent ends the game)

Work in progress, for sure, but as it stands is well worth the money and support!. I usually like to make really long, and very detailed reviews but this one isn't worth the time, I'll make it basic and simple. This game is great, fun, and was going to be a very interesting and enjoyable experience. So why is it bad? The creators havn't made any more development for roughly five months now, have gone completly dark, and no one knows why or for what reason. This is the second time they've promised a fully developed game and have just vanished, letting the game rot and taking all the money supporters gave off and purchasers spent. Find their names and do yourself a favor, if they ever make another game, don't buy it. Inform everyone backing them. Thanks, see yah round.. THE DEVELOPERS OF THIS GAME ABBANDONED IT,IF YOU DON'T WANT TO WATE 13$ DON'T BUY IT.. This game is promising if they continued their work on it. I admire games like this, megaman bn kind of tactics. I do hope it to finish

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