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Bunny Adventure Activation Code [portable]

Bunny Adventure Activation Code [portable]

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About This Game

Bunny adventure is fun, casual platformer for all ages. Complete 6 stages of platforming, find all collectibles and secrets and get highest score!

Bunny is lost in the woods and now he needs to find a way to his island, wher his girlfriend bunny awaits him! In his adventure he will encounter all sorts of enemies, challenges and interesting palces!

1) Colorful and beautiful graphics
2) Fun gameplay
3) 6 interesting levels
4) Secret treasures to find! 7ad7b8b382

Title: Bunny adventure
Genre: Adventure, Casual
Release Date: 14 Feb, 2018


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Really short but fun. wish it had a bit more content but good for the price.. Cheap, competent, reasonably fun.
3d platforming in a cohesive if forgettable world.
I wish that I could run.

https:\/\/\/9yTt0b5JkYw<\/a>. A cute short game <\/i>


You play a cute brown rabbit with big blue eyes.
Game do not really have goals or anything, just collecting points to your highscores.

You collect gold coins, There are between 40 to 70 in each level. if you want to find everyone. <\/i>
You can also find three gold stars but they are a little hidden around and little hard place to find.
You can also find a beautiful blue diamond found in each level but maybe little hard to find.

Game have time-attack but if your time goes down to zero then you can still play anyway. The time is for highscore.

All the things are your score to your highscore when you reach the finish line.

But beware of the angry farmers, because they would love to hurt you with their fork or rifle or a big wasp who wants to stick you as soon as they saw you. There are also vehicles that love to run over you.

You can punch them or jump with your feet on them and crush their heads and they pop away!


Graphics are cozy and colorful strong. Rabbits are cute. Environments look good.

\u25cf\u25cfGame durability\u25cf\u25cf

Game offer 5 levels where you start in the forest, late city with traffic and streets with many houses.

Game used bird view and side-scrolling on the last level.

Game have not saved function but you can complete that game in 1 hour or 100 hours if you love rabbits.

\u25cf\u25cf\u25cf\u25cf\u25cf\u25cf\u25cf\u25cf\u25cf\u25cf\u25cf\u25cf. Take a look at the amount of time that it took me to complete this speaks volumes

Bunny adventure is a simple, four level, 3D game where you must avoid hazards and enemies in order to rescue your girlfriend. You can jump on enemies or use your punch attack to dispatch them and the enemies range from fire to cars to people so infuriated by the mere sight of a lagomorph that they will try to shoot you on sight. LAGOMORPH LIVES MATTER. The stages that you must traverse and platform through range from a typical forest to a suburb. The bunny protagonist has cute little noises when jumping and collecting and that is pretty much it.

For starters, unless you have a Steam controller to map your buttons you're pretty much gonna have a bad time. I played using an x360 controller and I had to use one of the joysticks to move up and down and the other to use left and right. There is no option to change the button layout and I can't play games properly with a keyboard so....yep. The jumping is totally \u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665ed especially since you can't change the camera at all. Were that possible then you could position the camera so that you can make more precise jumps using up, down, left, or right. Since you can't you're stuck trying to make these nearly impossible diagonal jumps. The bunny can clip, not register jumps, float on air, and in some instances will not move with the \u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665ing platform. The platform just moves out from under you causing you to fall. There is no save feature so god help you if you get called off because you'll have to start from the beginning every time and the game, despite how short it is, is SO \u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665ING BORING. The music is pretty bad, forgettable, and doesn't even match the setting. Even the ending is awkward and surprisingly longer than it should be. With so many things done wrong what the hell did the game do right? Hmm...maybe more info is in order...

For the \u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665 of it, I decided to check the info page to see if I can get any kind of extra...ANYTHING. Lets discuss, shall we.
I know that I'm the last person to talk smack, but you can tell that this game is going to be a masterpiece because they didn't even bother to properly spell check or structure their written description...which consists of THREE SENTENCES.

Selling point one: Colorful and beautiful graphics. No. Even on the "beautiful" setting, it looks okay but it doesn't really look any better than any other early, low-end PS2 game from over a decade ago.

Selling point two: Fun gameplay. No. I had more fun uninstalling this game because then, and only then, did I truly feel that this was over.

Selling point three: SIX interesting levels. if you remember, I said that the game has four levels but the game advertises six. Either this means that they are lying OR the other two levels are accessible after collecting all the secret items. In each level there is a ten minute timer in which you must try to collect all coins, collect three hidden stars, find the hidden treasure, and then exit. I'm assuming that performing all these tasks will grant you the two extra levels, if they even exsist. However, you can "run" (the bunny has a zero \u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665s given stroll) straight through the level and hit that exit. The time factor is merely for a high score and nothing else. I ran out of time and it didn't do anything. High scores are not saved, either, Also, I'm pretty positive that the remaining two levels are as\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665as the other four. I'd merely stretch this game out to 30 minutes at the most with a 100% completion...something that I have NO desire to do.

Last and least: Secret treasures to find. Whatever. Finding everything adds two extra lackluster levels so in reality you not being're being punished.

Is the game worth $1? (I paid .49 cents)...Shoot is. It plays like a dollar, sounds like a dollar, and satisfies you in a way that only a dollar can. I cannot recommend this game because it is far too boring and uninspiring. if you're a furry looking a game I strongly advise you to seek your fur fling elsewhere. Yeah, he's naked but he's also straight so *WOMP* *WOMP*. I just saved you a $1 as well as 30're welcome.. Really cute, funny sounds. Kinda simple but hey, it was kinda cheap too. Congrats ^^. Cheap, competent, reasonably fun.
3d platforming in a cohesive if forgettable world.
I wish that I could run.


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