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Bryan Audley's Numbers Patch

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About This Game

Perhaps the most pointless game.

"Bryan Audley's Numbers" is a puzzle where you have to find a way out of the 3-D labyrinth using the theory of numbers. At the heart of gameplay are prime numbers, its identification helps you move through the maze. In fact, all that is required of the player is to perform mathematical operations in mind.

* * *

Hey. My name is Bryan Audley ... sort of. I was inside a giant death maze. And only numbers will help me find a way out.

What does it mean? No idea. I'm afraid I'll die here.

... All this construction consists of identical cubic rooms, there is a hatch in the same room on each face of rooms. Each of these cubes has a unique three figures number, and if at least one of them is prime, there is a death trap. But that's not all. Numbers know where the exit is. And that's all I know. There must be some order behind them, but I do not see it.

I’ve been trying to solve this riddle for three days already. In general, it's fun enough, come here. Now I can’t manage alone.

What is there?

1) Fascinating gameplay

Open the doors by pressing the "E" key

Close the doors by pressing the "E" key

Although, no ... They close automatically

2) Exciting plot

I was definitely excited

3) Various locations

Six colors of rooms!

4) Realistic graphics

It’s… my humble opinion

5) Stunning music

It will play in your head after tens of hours of play

6) And, of course, the numbers

Many numbers. Literally a **** bunch of it

Yes, this is a game about numbers

There is nothing but numbers

Quit all your business. I really need your help

I'll wait here for now. Cube 783 407 328

You're coming, aren’t you?

I really want to live b4d347fde0

Title: Bryan Audley's Numbers
Genre: Indie
Siberian Digital
Release Date: 17 Nov, 2017


Utter garbage. The Cube movie was great because it had already stripped down a sci-fi thriller down to its most basic components and it put on an amazing show.

This game strips out everything but the environment and prime numbers and the odd underwhelming death scene. Even on a 99% discount this isn't worth it because the game has no end.

If you want to endlessly find prime numbers then this is your game.


+ Looks very much and sounds very much like Cube. Perhaps the movie studio don't know about this game or they don't care because it is driving traffic towards them. If this game gives a great movie some publicity then maybe it is worth it.


- Honestly the game has no end. I went in one direction with a few curves but always heading 'north'. I even did what they did in the movie and waited in the same place for ages <\/span><\/span> but nothing happened.
- It is just boring af. There is no interaction. No boot throwing, no button sucking. No characters.


Half Dead was on track and Half Dead 2 looks like they hit the mark even better. If you want a Cube experience go and play Half Dead 2. If you want a Cube simulator which features only you solving numbers to see if they are prime them I guess you could play this. But at 4 bucks you could easily run a free flash game online that would do the same. I really had high hopes for this but it is so disappointing.

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