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Increasing craze of body building literally among individuals of all era or sex, the body building competitions too have gained immense popularity all over the world. As we all know, the competitions of any information would always induce the contenders to win by hook or crook. This kind of phenomenon would have perhaps led the contenders to the way for consuming steroid for exhibiting superior performances.

Many intended body builders consider the strong workouts, planned dieting and periodic competitions are like drugs only, as the power that is achieved through hard workouts and shaping the body into the way they dreamt of could be interesting. Many other body builders extensively use the body building and the steroids at the same time for prolonged and better performances. However, it is known that the permanent effects of steroids could always be devastating only.

There is a quite long history about the connections involving the body building and consumptions of steroid drugs by the intended body builders. hodgetwins  Most of the body builders are believed to be using the anabolic types of the steroid drugs as that are the supplements that the body builders widely use for enhancing their work outs and diets, because the use of anabolic steroids most rapidly and drastically increase the muscle mass. The steroids are considered to be obtaining such quicker developments of muscles just due to the fact that they contain testosterones which are the naturally present hormones in the male body and helps building upward the muscles more robust and faster. Thus when these testosterones are improved by the effects of steroids consumption, its functional activities is improved.

As the guys naturally have more testosterones, they may easily build-up more muscle mass as compared to females as they may have these hormones. But in that case when the women body builders incorporate steroids with their routine diets and workout exercise regimens, they too can build up muscular mass in the same durability as that of the males. The women body builders who are believed to incorporate their body building and steroids may also adopt various male physical characteristics. For various reasons both technically as well as health point of views, the blend of steroids and body building have been considered unlawful and is dealt with as the offense. One of the most essential reasons for categorizing the steroid and body building blend an unlawful feature, is that the body builder who uses steroids gets the undue advantage over those gym people who build their muscles but naturally. Consequently for maintaining the degree playing field for the competitors, you have to prohibit the use of steroids in any forms.

Body building is the sport of high discipline and sacrifice and for those taking it seriously have the power in their hands only. However, it should significantly be noted that the prolonged use of body building combined with anabolic steroids consumption would indeed lead to extreme devastating conditions. Also some of the most serious side effects of excessive and continuous consumption of steroid include figment of the creativeness or hallucinations, ligament weak point, high blood pressure or hypertension and even malignancy. Also as per the studies, in more than one case the steroids have guide to casualties.

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