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Best Air Jordan 8 to release fall 2018

New Jordans 2017 launched the 8th generation of Jordan embodies the focus on science and technology design ideas. Jordan 8 on behalf of the shape made a major breakthrough, the most prominent is the cross of the shoe face design, to strengthen the stability of the upper. In the end of the absorption of running shoes design ideas, a substantial reduction in the rubber material, reducing the weight of the shoes, the tongue with a towel material plus flying sign. Followed by the side and soles of the middle of the abstract picture for the Jordan 8 generations to add the artistic color. AIR JORDAN 8 for Jordan himself, it is too important ... ... 1993, AIR JORDAN 8 accompanied by Jordan for his first dynasty dynasty draw a successful conclusion. Three consecutive championships, three finals MVP, 7 consecutive coronation scoring, so that AIR JORDAN 8 no doubt became engraved under the Jordan epic brilliant totem shoes.
2017 Air Jordan Shoes, or the lonely lonely lonely, or the death of his father to the pain of Jordan embarrassed, in the endless glory and honors gathered in one, Jordan chose to bid farewell to the choice of retired ... No one imagined Jordan will return to the game, people have stubbornly thought that AIR JORDAN 8 will become the AIR JORDAN series of masterpiece, so AIR JORDAN 8 in the year has been so far beyond the amazing sales.From the first time to lead the North Carolina team to the national championship to enter the beginning, Michael Jordan's name is the highest standard of the symbol of basketball. In 1985, he was the original version of the original AIR JORDAN I set foot on the track, from the creation of a peak performance and adhere to the new era of self-style, NBA rules by his rewriting, numerous opponents surrender at his feet. The god of basketball? He is well deserved....
"Kyrie 3 For Sale fully demonstrated Jordan Brand in the performance of basketball shoes perseverance in the development and pursuit," Jordan Brand President Larry Miller said. "This latest generation of AIR JORDAN series products will further consolidate Jordan Brand in the industry uncompromising attention and focus on innovative positioning." AIR JORDAN outsole with solid traction and excellent flexibility. The groove is designed to mimic the natural movement of the human foot. Jordan Brand's Luedecke explains: "It's zigzag works actually match the footprints. We are looking for a footprint to find out the wear of shoes at the beginning of the place, the right amount of traction mode." Jordan brand developed proprietary weaving technology and standard carbon fiber and will not be any different, but its size and shape are different. It provides the right amount of rigidity while also allowing the feet to bend naturally. 8 years slam dunk contest Air Jordan 3 '88 OG, and now still let some old fans unforgettable, I believe that soon we will see this basketball shoes engraved version. Do not know the other with the NIKE logo of the Jordan version of the basketball shoes will not re-engraved it? Like generation, second generation, three generations, which are marked with the NIKE.

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