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Bad Pad Download For Pc [torrent Full]

Bad Pad Download For Pc [torrent Full]

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About This Game

\m/ MetalVania Platformer \m/

The wacky premise of Bad Pad is told in songs and is set around a gamepad's buttons who came to life, their endless battles, mind controlling machines and a little bit of time traveling.

Join Square in his adventures, survive Evil Pen's hellish castles, help save Hexa and Trapezoid and probably the rest of the world!


  • Humorous and crazy story-line told in songs and animations, those buttons sure can sing!
  • Original guitar driven rock and metal soundtrack that will keep you pumped.
  • Over 12 hours of gameplay and 160 scenes to explore, metroidvania style.
  • Diverse gameplay with cart riding levels, submarine levels, spaceship levels and more.
  • 10 epic boss levels.
  • In-game mini arcade games.
  • Cool pixel art graphics and a retro feel.
  • Tight controls and game mechanics + gamepad support.
  • Use of physics and changing gravity.
  • Environmental puzzles.
  • One item-based inventory system, hey a button doesn't have pockets, deal with it.
  • Three game difficulties to select from.
  • Lots of steam achievements.

Give Bad Pad DEMO a try, it is always up-to-date and if you decide to buy to the full game you can continue playing with your saved progress.
The demo contains the first act of the game, with 4 levels, 40 scenes, 2 boss fights, 2 train levels, 1 arcade mini game and 2 featured songs.


Title: Bad Pad
Genre: Action, Indie
Headbang Games, Oray Studios
Headbang Games
Release Date: 8 Aug, 2018


  • OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
  • Processor: 1.4GHz processor
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GT/s 4xx or Equivalent
  • Storage: 300 MB available space

English,French,German,Russian,Simplified Chinese,Traditional Chinese

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funny, challenging, sounds good. funny, challenging, sounds good. Fun game. Tough.
Amazing hard rock soundtrack!. metroidvania at it's best!!!
Metal + metroidvania = Bad Pad!!!. metroidvania at it's best!!!
Metal + metroidvania = Bad Pad!!!. This game reminds me of super meat boy but more forgiving.
The bosses are hard but not too hard although sometimes you will get screwd by RNG.
All in all a pretty good playthrough.. funny, challenging, sounds good

A Special update for completionists - version 1.38:
We added a little treat for all you completionists out there!

If you collect all 125 coins (game difficulty doesn't matter), you can return to Pen's computer and get a fuel-free jetpack.

Other than flying being fun and all, you can use the jetpack to find a hidden ability that will help you locate all the hidden collectibles areas, by beeping louder and louder as you get closer to one.

We won't tell you where the ability is hidden, but we will give you this hint:
Look at the map for open roof areas.

You can toggle the Jetpack on and off by pressing the RUN button, you can only do so when you're mid-air. Update version 1.37 released.:

  1. NW.js and Greenworks versions were updated.
  2. Bug fixed - Square UI was not hiding when returning to arcades/gameworld levels from menu.
  3. Camera control - Few changes in the new camera functions.
. Update version 1.51 released.:
This update include a few level design and game design changes.

1. Added more shortcuts for less backtracking.
2. More saving points are now available on Hard mode.
3. Added a tell to the lightning shooting clouds, they will charge up with electricity for 1 seconds before firing.
4. Submarine levels - reduced the amount mines and cannons.
4. Submarine levels - cannons and sawblades requires less shoots to destroy.
5. Submarine levels - player's bullet size is now doubled.
6. Push-able boxes and rocks will not slide anymore after you release them.
7. A few more level design changes throughout the game.. Bad Run - Turbo Edition - Alpha Version released!:
We've been working on a new and improved version of Bad Run.
The Turbo Edition will include lots of new content, levels and remastered graphics.
The game is playable on any device with a browser and decent WebGL support.
Gamepad support is partial at this time.

If you want to try out Bad Run - Turbo Edition Alpha for free and read more about the game click on the image below.. Update version 1.49 released.:
This update includes a few reported bug fixes and a new built-in bug reporting service.

To send a bug report, go to options screen from the main menu, click on the bug report button, fill in some text about your problem and send it.

Note, that sending a bug report will also send us your save files.

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