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Baby Redemption License Keygen

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About This Game

Baby Redemption is a high paced rogue-like shooter where you have to save babies in glorious intense slow-motion action. Weapons, bullets, babies and bullet-time. Nuclear Throne meets Max Payne.

Gameplay comes first so all of the focus has been on making the guns and moment-to-moment action feel good. A typical run starts you off in your house, where you select your weapon from your gun rack, buy temporary upgrades and then you leave in your car. When you're ready you select how many runs you want to do back to back, the longer you go the more rewards you get and the chance of finding a kidnapped Baby increases. Beware though, enemies get tougher and you might bump into one of the games bosses.


  • Randomly generated levels - Each run presents a new layout and challenge created from a big list of rooms.
  • Guns on guns - Big list of guns, each fine tuned to present a different way of play.
  • Upgrades - Beating a wave gives you a random upgrade that tweaks your playstyle.
  • Great Juicy action - Each gun sound effect is punchy and tweaked by hand to give a satisfying knock when you press that shoot button

Baby Redemption is made by me, Shotgun Anaconda, a one-man band with a indie-game dream. I truly hope you enjoy my little project, if you have any questions or feedback feel free to tweet or email me. 6d5b4406ea

Title: Baby Redemption
Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie
Shotgun Anaconda
Shotgun Anaconda
Release Date: 5 Apr, 2019


Really fun 2d roguelike in the vein of nuclear throne or enter the gungeon

Shooting feels super good :D. Its like a less hardcore Hotline Miami where your the good guy and save babies. Challenging yet fun.

- Performance
- Art Style
- Gameplay
- Controls
- Weapon variety

- Menu screen looks fuzzy(Improperly scaled?). Just bought this game and played it for about 20 minutes, for 1 person developer not bad at all. Very challenging, but it gives a skilled player a chance to feel worthy by playing the game. I like the dash and slow moe, and the feel of the game. It is definitely worth the 4 to 5 dollars if you like top down shooters. The game can only get better from us reviewers giving feedback. My feedback is fixing the menu, which I have no idea because i don't make video games lol, but it's not smooth navigating the 3 options, also maybe have a controls menu in the settings menu or ESC option. There is a Q icon next to health which makes me think heal and everytime I press q I throw the circle shooter grenade. I am not sure if there is a heal option but that would be dope, if not still solid makes it more challenging. But yah if anything just remove the Q at the side of the health. That's all i got i think, definitely enjoyable, keep it up, I'll play it more and give more ideas I may find.. Nothing special, except the theme. Perhaps if they pushed the theme a bunch more it would become a worthwhile game.

Certainly rough around the edges in terms of hitbox sizes and such. The rooms-connected-by-corridors level generator means that each time you enter a room that's the same as you've seen before, it feels the same because you can still camp in the doorway just as much each time.

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