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Pasar Malem is situated in the location of Gadong near the Rizqun Global Hotel. Every evening, the meals market comes alive as natives put up food stalls and the smell of grilled satay fills the air. Tourists can easily get an assortment of food for supper for under USD 2. Nasi lemak, satay with peanut sauce, and a wide variety of sausages and crackers would be the must-tries here.باربری در بندرعباس

The Regal Regalia in the city middle of Bandar Seri Begawan offers tourists with information about the real history and tradition of Brunei Darussalam. On screen are many elegant items, along with presents presented to the Master by different Brains of State. One of the more fascinating displays in the Noble Regalia is the imitation of the procession of the crowning of the King.

The Yayasan Complicated is one of many two major centers of the capital. Though not around level with the shopping that are available in other Asian nations, the complicated continues to be value a trip due to its architecture.

One of many two great mosques of Brunei, the Sultan Omar Ali Saiffudin Mosque is walking range from the Yayasan Complex. Surrounded by water, the mosque is extremely picturesque which makes it a well known destination for tourists. Kampung Ayer A thirty-minute boat drive from the Yayasan Complicated requires tourists around the water village of Kampung Ayer. The see from the lake gives tourists a different perception of the city.

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