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Owing to the poor profitability through bank loans due to their high interest rates, many people are taking loans from Nbfc Companies in Bangalore and thus NBFC sector is growing at the cost of banks providing such almost non-accessible and unaffordable loans.

Does NBFC accept public deposits?

In general, NBFC is known to differ from a bank on the aspect of not accepting public deposits. But typically, a List of Nbfc in Bangalore, holding a valid certificate of registration with authorisation to accept public deposits can accept/hold public deposits should have minimum stipulated net owned fund and regulates (to an extent) as per the directions issued by the bank.


Through this piece of information, you can understand the stability of a particular NBFC. If the NBFC is accepting public deposits, then it is secure and best for you to apply for a loan in that particular NBFC, as the net owned fund of that company will be huge, and they can provide you with better loans.


Does it accept all sorts of public deposits (not to confuse with deposits)?

There are some limitations involved like,

  • The NBFC can accept/renew public deposits for a minimum and maximum period of 12 and 60 months respectively. However, the ceiling interest rate is set by RBI, which is to be strictly followed. At present, it is 11% per annum.
  • NBFC cannot accept deposits repayable on demand.


The main point is a List of Nbfc Companies in Bangalore has finally gained a huge potential because of their resilient performance and are giving a tough competition established banks in the country.


Reports reveal that NBFCs’ portfolio of loans grew at 14.9% during the first half of 2017-18, compared to 6.2% in the case of banks.

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