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Alien Robot Monsters Download For Pc

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About This Game

Alien Robot Monsters is an epic sci-fi tower defense action game with a 16-bit era look and feel. Somewhere in the future, humanity's desire to expand to the stars is yet again faced with expected adversity.

After finding an earth-like planet capable of sustaining a civilization, a colony ship is sent with a small detachment of space marines. However, the whole planet seems to be infested with hostile robotic life forms bent on removing all humans from the planet. The fate of humanity is in your hands!

  • Classic tower defense action game with explosions, debris, bullets, and missiles
  • 16-bit era look and feel, but still in native 1980 x 1280 resolution
  • Lots of towers, marines, robots, and levels – with new unlocks even after 25 levels
  • Epic old-school Hollywood-style orchestral soundtrack
  • Earn stars by completing the levels, and invest in global upgrades to get stronger
  • 23 different towers with unique upgrades
  • 60+ tower upgrades
  • 31 levels plus 6 harder bonus levels
  • 18 global upgrades with 5 levels each
  • New unlocks in almost every level will keep you hungry for more!

Title: Alien Robot Monsters
Genre: Action, Indie, Strategy
Kraftix Games
Kraftix Games
Release Date: 9 Sep, 2015


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Great game, lots of fun!. Very solid tower defense. Most levels are challenging and you have to try many different strategies before you find one that fits. The progression is not immensly original but at least it's decently interesting. You get more stars if you ace a level. You can then spend said stars on a dozen different upgrades - all resettable at the click of a button. So you can change up your strategies a lot and it gives you a strong incentive to go back and clear earlier levels 100% to give you a better chance at the later ones.

As the sucker I am for achievements I enjoyed how you can complete pretty much all of them in one playthrough. (So yeah maybe a bit on the easy side.)

The bad stuff:<\/b>
* The controls and UI feels like a bad port from a mobile game. The tapping (upgrading towers, troop rallying) and swiping (map scroll) would make sense on a tablet or phone but feels stupid on PC. There are also many missing keyboard shortcuts and nothing is rebindable. This is easily my biggest gripe with this game.

* I have found no way to see what in-game upgrades carry over when you evolve your tower into a new type. Range upgrades sometimes carry over and sometimes not. Amount of marines in a tower sometimes carries over and sometimes not. Even if you learn with time you'd still expect to be able to see what active upgrades a tower has (in the tower stat screen perhaps?). This is inconsistant and very annyoing early on.

The linearity of skills and upgrades *seems* to be boring and underwhelming, but the strength of the game is the time you spend figuring out what towers\/upgrades are the most exploitable in any given situation so perhaps the subtle ramping in upgrades is one of the game's strengths. (But some progression upgrades certainly feel superfluous!)

To sum things up:<\/b>
Even with the bad points I think it's safe to assume that any real fan of tower defense will enjoy this title immensly - I recommend it even at full price.. Alien Robot Monsters' is not just a tower defense game. It is the most diffucult tower defense game ever. I doubt that there will ever be a harder tower defense game than 'Alien Robot Monsters'.

In principle the game is fun and comes with the typical addiction tower defense games offer. Graphics are fine and the music is very good. Towers and enmies are interesting. And although I really like tower defense games 'Alien Robot Monsters' was a rather painful experience.

The problem with this game is that it only allows one solution. You have to play maps again and again and again to find out which setup works. IMO that's not how a tower defense game should work. If you look at 'Defense Grid' you can use tons of different approaches to beat maps. 'Defense Grid' does not let you down. It allows you to experiment and reach your goal with different strategies. This is not the case for 'Alien Robot Monsters'. There is only one way and you have to find it in order to collect three stars on a map. It's like a racing game with 200 different cars but all players select the same car because it's the only car that allows you to compete with other players. Try 'The Crew' to find out more.

I consider a game a good game if it's fun. 'Alien Robot Monsters' caused me far too much frustration to recommend the game. Since I do not want other players, especially not friends of mine, to go through the same painful experience, I can not recommend the game. There are very many other tower defense games available that simply do better than 'Alien Robot Monsters'. But if you feel like Superman or like playing single maps for hours again and again, go ahead and try. You have been warned.. Very nice game. Well balanced and fun to level up. AKA shotguns. Very addicting .. I love tower games and this was fun as well. Only "trouble" is that most of the levels were very easy (I won most of them on the first try) and than there are like 5 levels wehere you have to find perfect sequence of building and upgrading towers. But it's part of the fun and this is great tower game!. Just buy this Bit of Brilliance ... Don't have time to write a long proper Review. I need to get back to the game ... BUY IT !!!. I write this in english to reach more ppl, but that's not my main language, feel free to let me know if I do some errors.<\/i>

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