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Alchemist Penguin Download Under 1gb

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About This Game

You are a penguin, cut off from the rest of your species by a meteor crashing into the Antarctic tundra. Something has been awoken from deep within the ice… Something that once ruled this land and wants to take it back.


Something about their slumber in the ice has advanced their minds significantly, and their crude spears and axes quickly become replaced with more and more sophisticated weapons as time progresses. All that stands between them and the destruction of the world as we know it is you and your knowledge of alchemy.

Take control of the Alchemist Penguin in the relentless battle against his dinosaur aggressors! Alchemist Penguin is an arcade-style action game where you are pitted in a stage against an army of dinosaurs under increasing difficulty. You are armed with a weapon, a potion and a technique—as well as a variety of single-round boosts and mode-specific abilities—to help you in your fight.

  • 5 game modes and 15 stages of challenging action
  • Over 60 abilities to utilize and level up in your fight against the dinos
  • Dino weaponry and tech scales and upgrades as a round goes on
  • Over 30 achievements to unlock!

Press Inquiries: 6d5b4406ea

Title: Alchemist Penguin
Genre: Action, Indie
Foot in the Box, LLC
Foot in the Box, LLC
Release Date: 6 Jun, 2015


the alchemist penguin. alchemist penguin. alchemist penguin book

Wow. Four hours went by in the blink of an eye, this game is freakin' addicting lol. You face an infinite wave of dinos coming at you with a good variety of unlockable (and creative, take the pear boomerang for instance ) weapons, potions,techniques, and ultimate moves. Theres no story to speak of, just pure bullet-hell goodness. Totally worth the price.. Thoroughly enjoy playing this game! The premise is simple yet still challenging, and game play quickly becomes addicting. Definitely recommend checking it out!. Alchemist Penguin is an action, omniscient (overhead, in-case I needed to clarify) shooter game that places you in the feathers of a penguin, who has guns, potions, and knives that he can use at his disposal to kill dinosaurs. There are different stages and gamemodes to play, as well as many different weapons and abilities to unlock. Yet overall, the fact that you're a penguin with a gun (BOOMSTICK!!!) already sounds downright sick because penguins with guns is already on the market here.

So, this game actually resembles some type of shooter-arcade game, and so when I looked at it and first started playing it, I had the expectations of that of an arcade game. Playing it for about an hour, it just feels<\/i> like an arcade game: one has their simple controls and weapons, and you basically run and kill enemies and dodge projectiles. Turns out, I was very blown away by the content and integrity of the game. Each enemy being different, each stage having their own unique dynamics and obstacles, and overall, it seems like a Binding of Isaac that mated with a Zelda: The Minish Cap because of the gameplay and how the game actually functions as an overhead-shooter.

Now, the game itself is fun, and when I first started playing it, I had some unconcious nostalgia because this game reminded me of an old arcade game I used to play as a kid, but I couldn't remember the name of it. Anyway, buying this game for $1.99, it was definitely<\/i> worth the price because there is so much one can do in this game. Once one finishes almost the entirety of the game, one can level all their weapons, potions, and special abilities to max levels, and try to go for the highest tier ranking for each level, all of which makes the player play more and more, and better enjoy the achievement and progress the game provides. The game urges one to progress more by playing more, and I told myself I'd play only an hour before reviewing this game, which I managed to do successfully without getting carried away.

In addition, the game itself is not all that easy, nor is it too easy, or too hard, but just in-between. As one prolongs their stay in a particular stage, different dinosaurs with more health and utility begin appearing, and that creates challenge. While I appreciate challenge, if it is impossible, it isn't fun. However, the way the Devs created the game and the AI, the challenges are possible to overcome, and if completed, makes the game more fun and "meaningful" (yes, I'm serious) to the player. Speaking of AI, they are intelligent AI, particularly with the ones that shoot projectiles; they make the game fun because of dodging.

The music in this game is... okay. It was not the best type of music in a videogame, where it might be good for a medieval setting, but for an arcade-esque game, the music is way<\/i> better than others. The graphics are slightly pixel-lated and geometric (by geometric, I mean large usage of simplistic shapes like squares and triangles, combined or sliced to create a figure), so if expecations included HD or some form of realistic texture, one won't find it here.

The best part about this game is how addicting it is. Like I said prior, I told myself only to play about an hour into this game before reviewing it, but I managed to do that by the skin of my teeth for how fun and rewarding it can be. Some may play it to simply complete it, but a majority will play it to either gain all the high-tiers on each stage, or max-level all their equipment, before finally quitting the game. Some may even do it just to see all the possible dinosaurs you can fight. I had a laugh when I saw that one of them had what seemed to be a knife, then had a chainsaw. That is pretty creative of the Devs and I can't say how happy I was to see how much work was put into this game... for the price it costs now.

In the end, for a game that is simple, yet filled with content revolving around utilities, gamemodes, and stages, I'd say this game deserves:

\ud83d\udc05Snowy's Scorey\ud83d\udc05:
10: Masterpiece, highly recommended to play
9: Truly brilliant, recommended at its best
8: Okay, will recommend<\/u><\/b>
7: Decent, will recommend, but within certain limitations
6: Average, probably not worth recommending, but at least looking at
5: Meh, some things are right, some wrong, but not complete
4. Um.., not sure if this game is up for grabs
3. Not worth buying
2. Not worth looking at
1. Quarantine yourself from this game

I made an RPG (THIS ISN'T AN RPG, BY THE WAY<\/b>, I'm only using it as an example, not for comparison, for this is totally different from an RPG) off coding before, or a game for that matter. Let me just say for how simple this game is, it's good, it's filled with content, it's addicting, and way freaking better than my game. Is this game worth getting? Yes. Is this game worth the price? Heck yes! Considering how the end-game is quite a distance, and that one needs to technically grind (not the boring grind, the fun kind) to get all their equipment to max rank, I would say the game is almost complete, not quite, but if updated in the future, can "make us whole!" -Nicole, Dead Space 1 and 2. Overall, it's an okay-game, and I recommend it.. im normally a big fan of penguins but this game brought my addiction to a whole new level. This game was worth way more then 2$ and i hope other people will agree =). This game is awesome! You get to play as a penguin, and fight dinosaurs! What are you doing reading this? You should but this game right now! It's litterly two bucks!

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